My She was born on August 19, 1969 in


mother is without doubt the most important person in my life and complete
individual I know. . I’m not just saying this
because she’s my mother anyone can be a mother, but it takes a strong person to
be a parent. All of the obstacles my mother has had to overcome just amazes me.

 She is short but in good shape. She is very beautiful.
She has lovely long hair and deep chestnut
brown eyes. She has brighter skin color. She is not fat and thin, but she is
middle size.

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My mother’s name is Fatima.  She was born on August 19, 1969 in Mogadishu. Her father’s name    is Abdullah and her mother’s name is Amino. . She has spent her life time in Mogadishu. She attended a primary school called Bartmaha, which is near her neighborhood, Bondheere.
She also attended high school named 12 October. . She was good in studying, and I think that is why I and my sibling are good at studying. . She was very hardworking girl in her childhood .She used to work as seller’s person in business center of her father. She used to help her parents. Now my mother is house wife. My mother enjoys reading, especially reading the Holy Quran and the History books. She likes films especially the old history the films. My mother loves to cook and she is a good cook who always left us looking forward to the next meal. She knew how to mix the right ingredients to end up with a meal that often left us licking our fingers. She teaches me and my sibling the recipe, and we cook with her. She also likes to watch local and international news. I watch with her the news. She loves shopping, I often go with her and she buys things of my choice.  

My mother is a true character with a personality that’s
filled with love. I would consider my mother to be very caring. She loves me
and my sibling.  She also loves my
friends especially my best friend Miriam. . For
example, when my best friend had no place to stay my mother took her in; she
feed her, provided her attire, and treated her like one of her own children.
She also loves our needy neighbors and helps them, and they love her.

My mother is everything to me because she gave
me everything but she never asks me to pay back. She is the best, the greatest
woman in this world and in my heart. I love her forever. I am happy when I have
her by my side to take care of me, to protect me and to give me her love. She is
closest person in my life and heart.

Everyone thinks their mother is the best, but
mine truly is. She is strong, determined and optimistic women. That is my mom.
And I love her now more than ever.