My myself to learn how archaeology can change our

My passion for discovering human cultures and unearthing them has intrigued during my BA in Liberal Arts in Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan; where I had the amazing opportunity to study anthropology and gain knowledge of human behavior, tradition and culture of Japan and the world. Conducting researches for my studies has intrigued my interest in the ability to interpret the information from artifacts and heritages, and how discoveries of the past and evidences from historical sites have acknowledged us the value of archaeology. It is truly amazing how ancient cultures and inventions have influenced who we are as a society today. Since leaving school, to broaden my mind, I have seized a wide range of opportunities in order to gain new experiences. Working for Emirates Airline as a flight attendant has taught me how to adapt to cultural differences by working with people of 135 nationalities and flying to 141 different cities. This has also taught me how to handle critical situations and how to manage and complete tasks efficiently even in a limited time and space. Moreover, having traveled to more than 50 countries had given me countless opportunities to visit historical places and museums.I had an opportunity to visit the British Museum where I had seen the Rosetta Stone for the first time. I was most fascinated by the incredible amount of information that was available from a single historical artifact. It truly amazed me how people can gather so much information from each archaeological evidences and how well these information were presented. Better yet, this experience has also made me realize my goal to work for an institution to contribute in interpretation and conservation of archaeological evidences and to present them well for others like myself to learn how archaeology can change our perception of history.Additionally, my experience at Google as a technical support agent has improved my confidence in analyzation and critical thinking skills, which I believe are also inevitably required to study at a postgraduate level in order to conduct variety of researches. Although being new to IT, becoming one of the well performing agents in my team by accomplishing the quality goals set by Google proves that I possess the potential to succeed in the course even in a challenging situation. I understand the MA Archaeology course at UCL provides splendid opportunities to develop essential skills to interpret historical evidences into modern languages. Also with UK being the leading country of archaeological studies and UCL and its course being one of the most highly regarded centers for archaeology in the world, I trust I will be able build the foundation to continue on to more specialized research, which I plan to pursue after successfully completing the course.In addition to the core modules to build necessary foundation and skills to understand the basis of archaeological studies, I am fascinated by the selection of variable optional modules. I wish to study ‘Society and Culture in Ancient Egypt’ to gain knowledge in the ancient Egyptian cultures due to my interest which developed during my time in the Middle East. I am also keen to learn Arabic for the necessity to master the local language of the field I wish to work for. Additionally, I plan to take museums studies such as ‘Museum and Site Interpretation’ and ‘Museum Communication and Audience Engagement’ to gain essential skills to pursue my career goal to work for institutions to contribute in interpretation, conservation and education of the archaeological discoveries.The MA Archaeology degree from UCL is absolutely necessary for me to build the foundation for further study and the pathway to my career goal. I truly believe I will be successful in the course with the skills I have gained through my undergraduate studies and from my work experiences, and I trust my aspiration and international background would be of benefit of my fellow students. I look forward to the opportunity of studying at one of the world’s most advanced, global scaled, top-leading institution of Archaeology to understand more about the society which I live in, and to contribute to the expanding information available about our heritage.