My maybe because the loved and care I have

My knowledge about special education or people with disabilities before attending this course and before I entered into the industry of special education was limited. In self context, the meaning of of disability was obtain by my personal encounters of people with disability and the influences of my family and people around me convey to me regarding people with disability. My life has been revolves with my aunt of mine that is wheelchair bound with hole in heart and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. When I was young, I love to play with her despite her disabilities, I wasn’t aware about her disabilities and I doesn’t mind that she is disabled. When my aunt is in need, I would help her out by pushing her wheelchair, helping her up from the ground to her wheelchair, folding her wheelchair, etc. As I grew older, my parents have taught me how to be caring and be considerate to people with disabilities which I was able to overcome negative stereotypes and perceptions toward people with disabilities. As life moved on, during my internship, I was attached to an early intervention program for autism centre. I wasn’t sure what was autism about until I interact with the kids and get to know more through the therapists and teachers, the more I get to know the kids with ASD, I find it interesting to teach them and to socialize with them. There’s where my vision to becoming a special education teacher came to my mind. I observed the therapists and teachers teaching kids with ASD. I was amazed with their enthusiastic in teaching the kids with special needs. My perception of special education means that people with disabilities needed the care and specialized education that meets their individual needs than us neurotypical people. Why I decided to become a special education teacher? Many emotions went through my mind, maybe because the loved and care I have for the special needs, I like to challenged myself and I want to helped them and their family.In my journey to become a special education teacher, I met people along the way that has influenced my views for special education and my learning towards special education. I was lucky enough to be teaching in a special needs school. On the first day of the job, I was assigned to a class of students aged 9 to 10 years of age, I observed their routines and behaviours, one of the student was regulating himself and all the sudden he floored and he kicked the chairs and threw things from the shelf, I didn’t know what to do then, so my co-partner came to the rescue and i observed her how she handles such behaviour. I wasn’t scared or anything, just didn’t know what to do in such situations. So everyday I was eager to come to work to learn and understand my students. At the end of everyday, i always tell myself that “I just survived the day of teaching”. While becoming a special education teacher, my learning journey continues daily, the learning that i experienced is more likely to occur where there is active learning for example create some approaches that encourage my students to engage opportunities in their learning such as singing to their favourite songs and making learning fun and meaningful, the second learning i learned was demonstration, practice and feedback. This learning could give me ideas of working with my students so i could also see how well does my approaches demonstrate to them and i able to practice it myself then i will consult any of my senior colleagues to get their feedback on my attempt of the approach that i came out with. This could help me with and encourage me to work together with my colleagues. I always asked question to myself “How do i improve on what i am doing?” I have always been keen to learn. Working out a consistent learning progression for each of the student was a challenging task but with the demonstration and practice, i could able to mastered my learning and also in teaching. By attending this course, I could have more understanding about special education and strategies that i could apply to help my students. During my group assignment, in the social context of public knowledge context, four out of five respondents has some awareness about people with special needs, but most people’s perception about people with disability was mainly focused on people who are blind, deaf, physically handicapped, and spastic. There’s possibility that some people knew about people with disability through the media like the non-profit voluntary organisation, campaign or events. Fortunately, I myself have been volunteering a lot since school days; went to Homes to help them with chores, supporting parents – child of special needs in every events they hold and volunteering in para-sea games which my role was to guide people with disabilities to their games’ venue, boarding the bus, getting their meals, etc. There’s a short documentary film named Educating Peter that shown during one of our lesson was about Peter who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome attended a mainstream Elementary school. The school that he is attending started to adapt inclusion which children with disabilities study with the neurotypical children. It was Peter’s first time to interact and learning with students who did not have disabilities. In the film, Peter seemed to be struggling in paying attention, participating, following rules, and nicely interacting with other students. Peter would scream in class quite often, tell others to shut up, he kicked and hits other students. Both teacher and students learned how to handle Peter as the years progressed and Peter learned how to take part in activities like any other student. By the end of the year, Peter was able to have conversations with others, participate in PE lessons and even reading on his own. This documentary tells us if we open our minds, it could change our perceptions toward people with special needs. Therefore, I was surprised with the other children’s maturity when they were faced difficult challenges everyday with Peter. Even Though the children seemed to disliked Peter, but they did not give up in trying to interact with Peter and they did not attacked back when Peter always attacked them. They were very patient and did their best to include Peter and teach him the right and wrong things. At the end of the film, there’s one girl was interviewed said that “he changed because we changed” In conclusion, my personal practical knowledge will certainly progress in my learning by attending this course.