“My General…”). Many people misinterpret the word. People look

aim in helping the patient was not to cause death. My aim was to end suffering.

It’s got to be decriminalized.” – Jack Kevorkian. This quote is the best way to
put euthanasia, its showing that its not trying to take lives for no reason, it
shows that they have tried many things to save the life of a person, but pain
and suffering still are upon the patients, so if they want to take their life
the should have the right to take their own life. Euthanasia should be legal
for multiple reasons; it is not harming anyone else, there are several safety
precautions taken before the action itself, it is ending the pain and suffering
of the patient, and how it is no different than abortion.

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            Euthanasia comes from Greek meaning
“good death” (“A General…”). Many people misinterpret the word. People look at
euthanasia as a form of “murder”, which is the complete opposite of what it
truly is. Euthanasia is just a way for patients to have a peaceful and painless
death (Encyclopedia, 2002). There has been so much controversy about this topic
over several years, but in the end its should be up to the person who’s life is
at stake. Euthanasia is just another way to end the suffering of someone who is
terminally ill, disabled, or elderly.  

            The topic of Euthanasia and weather
it should be legal has been along since the early nineteen hundred’s. The
biggest determinant of this law is the Hippocratic oath that doctors take. This
oath prohibits doctors/ nurse to administer poison to their patients therefore
not allowing doctors to perform the act of assisted suicide or euthanasia
(Encyclopedia, 2002). Doctors and government leaders had considered euthanasia
not a legitimate drug so they never legalized the law to perform this act. Over
history euthanasia become illegal throughout most of the state, and was only
really legal in the state of Oregon (Encyclopedia, 2002). Oregon physicians
were aloud to write prescriptions for lethal injections and they were the only
ones who could pick the drug up and administer it to the patient. If a patient
decides not go through with the act, physicians in Oregon are suppose to return
the drug back to the pharmacy (Encyclopedia, 2002). Before any physician can
give the drug out they have to follow certain guidelines with the patient.

These guidelines are; the physician has to get another doctors opinion on the
patient, they patient has to take a mental health test, and then they have to
report it to the Oregon Department of Health (Encyclopedia, 2002). Along with
most of the United States euthanasia is illegal internationally with very few

            The first legitimate proposal to
legalize euthanasia in the United States and Germany was around the nineteenth
century. The proposal was brought to the public by to well respect German
writers who wrote Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life. The book
was advocating how euthanasia can be a healing treatment and not a harming
experiment (Encyclopedia, 2002). In the book they stated that the drug should
be administered to three types of people; terminally ill disabled, and those
who are unconscious/ in comas. After the book was released and everyone stated
catching wind of how euthanasia can be a helping fact people became more
supportive. In the end the law was shot down by the government to everyone went
on with there life. Several years later in 1933, Adolf Hitler tried legalizing
euthanasia again, this time being denied by the German church that strongly
opposed. After a couple more years 1939, the United Stated had granted
euthanasia to be performed on babies born with birth defects and mentally
disabled people. Over several years the topic has been thrown back an forth on
wealth it should be legal or not. Fast-forward, 2008 voter in Washington State
chose in favor of Euthanasia and later become a law in 2009. This is the latest
laws and controversy and is now legal in a couple places around the United
States (“A General…”).

            After sharing a very brief history
of euthanasia and the guidelines that have to be taken. There are also several
arguments against euthanasia even after they have gone over everything. One
argument is that if euthanasia became legal it would put doctors and nurses in
an uncomfortable position (Nordqvist). This is one of the bigger arguments;
doctors do there job to save lives not to take lives. This may be a true
argument, but doctor in there job are suppose to do as the patient wants.

They’re making this argument not very credible; because doctors are suppose to
do as there patient wants. Another argument they have against euthanasia is
that it goes against many faiths, being that euthanasia is a form of murder
(Nordqvist). If this was true then why would someone give the consent to be
“murdered”. How can this be a form of murder when the patient is the one who is
wanted to be dead. In the eyes of others it may look like murder, but really it
is in full consent of the patient, and why would there be several guidelines
taken to “murder” someone. Another argument brought up by the opposing side, is
that there could be a possible recovery by the patient (Nordqvist). The chances
of someone recovering who is terminally ill, elderly, or who is born with a
disability are very slim,. Someone who has any of those three conditions are
better off taking euthanasia so they can end there suffering, not everyone has
to, but they should still be able to have the “right to die.” The evidence that
is provided for each of these diseases, that shows there is a very slim chance
of these people surviving, ends up knocking down this argument against
euthanasia. As these are all good arguments, they all have flaws in them that
the opposing side can find research about them that disprove there argument and
makes there arguments weak.

            Now that you have heard the opposing
arguments, you can analyze that side while also thinking about the arguments
for euthanasia and why it should be legalize, and how it shouldn’t be this big
of controversy. In the end it is about one persons body and that person should
have the “right to die”, if they feel it is necessary for their well being. All
the arguments for euthanasia to be legal connect with each other in some way.

What this means is that if you die to end suffering, you end up dying with
happiness, therefore leading up to not having to worry about bills form the
hospital. When the argument comes up that they say it will benefit and end suffering,
its not stating that they “want to kill themselves”, its just that they don’t
want to live everyday in pain. Euthanasia is not suppose to harm anyone, its
suppose to end suffering and so those suffering can have a peaceful and
painless death (“7…). One other argument they bring up is that the patient can
die in happiness and not suffer tell the end of life. By legalizing euthanasia
it gives patients the opportunity to end there life before they have to go
through all the surgery’s and take medicine and be laid up in hospitals (“7…”).

After making the last argument that leads to another, if you allow euthanasia
it will help free more space in hospitals, also families going through this in
there everyday life wont have to worry about any more hospital bills, making
sure they get their medicine, and in general the patient will be at rest and
will have no more pain.

            Both sides make really good
arguments, but in the end people making arguments against legalizing euthanasia
aren’t looking at the pain and suffering of the patient. Like Jack Kevorkian
said “My aim in helping the patient was not to cause death. My aim was to end
suffering. It’s got to be decriminalized.” This is so true, because euthanasia
is not suppose to be used to kill people off, it is supposed to be used to end
suffering. All the arguments made by people wanting to legalize euthanasia,
look at the perspective of what the patient’s/ family want. The arguments made
by people against it are looking at the legal side of things. In the end
euthanasia should be legal because it is ending the pain and suffering of
patients and families. It should not be look at like murder or in legal
standpoints it should be looked at by how the family and patient feel about
their life.