Molly learning to write. Analyze: Literacy is essentially taught

Molly Greathouse


Video Assignment #1

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Flesch-Kincaid: 12



Describe: In this
video, there are four elements that addressed content literacy in Social
Studies. These four elements are using multiple texts, evidence based argument,
cause and effect and reading analytically. Using multiple texts in a history
classroom is an effective way to implement the literacy standards. It shows the
students what primary sources, secondary sources or tertiary sources are and
how they are used for writing about history. Evidence based argument is when
students have to come up with a conclusion from the evidence that they found.
This process is very engaging for students because it’s a topic that their interested
in. Cause and effect is huge in social studies and is a main component when
writing about history. Lastly, reading analytically is when students ask
questions and interact with their text while each student is developing their
own conclusion of the text. With this comes learning great discussion skills,
as well as learning to write.



Analyze: Literacy
is essentially taught by knowing how to read and write and also communicate
effectively. This is mostly taught in English, but it can flow into other
subjects like Social Studies.  Using
multiple texts for a history paper can show students which texts are more credible
than others. They can learn the difference between a primary and secondary source,
and can then make arguments about the meaning of that certain text. Evidence based
argument could be incorporated by having a debate in the classroom. Students
have to find evidence to support their conclusion and express why they feel
their evidence is supportive or not. Cause and effect is implemented into
social studies by writing.  The students
can read about a certain topic such as the Boston Tea Party and write a paper
or answer questions on the cause of this situation and the effect it had on
that particular period of time. Reading analytically is implemented into the
classroom by becoming an effective communicator and being able to explain their
thinking on a certain topic. An example would be reading Martin Luther King Jr’s
speech and being able to critically interpret what his speech was about and how
it made the student feel.



Reflect: The
article Why Integrate Literacy and
Social Studies? is located at
and it focuses on the positive effects of integrating literacy into the social
studies classroom. The article relates to the video elements because in this
article it explains how a variety of texts should be implemented into classroom
to help the students’ knowledge and reading and writing skills. It also focuses
on important learning tools such as analyzing, sourcing, comparing and
contrasting and summarizing. This article also explains that students should be
able to construct their own meaning of content and concepts while engaging in
reading and writing exercises like they would in content literacy.