Module Title: Education, Schooling, Children and Society Module Code:

Module Title: Education, Schooling, Children and Society Module Code: EDU 1001  Assignment Title: Television dramas about schools and schooling are more than entertainment.  Discuss, using examples.  Submission Date: 19/01/2018  Word Count: 19 Decleration: I swear that the following piece is my own work and was writtin will full understanding of the rules and regulations involved in writing an essay for this module. Page Break Television dramas about schools and schooling are more than entertainment.  Discuss, using examples.  Introduction  This essay will set out to analyse the number of programmes and movies on tv that depict education, students, teachers and overall learning and achieving. So, we can use this perspective on education to compare it to the current school environment to see if the shows we view is purely for entertainment or if show is a realistic interpretation of school life.  This is because education is contested as there are a number of different methods of providing the youth of the nation with an education and different media sources will focus on the parts of education that they believe will make the most entertaining programmes. Typologies of education found in the media  Education its self has a number of roles in any given society. Introduction to educational studies (2016) states that ‘Meighan and Harber (2007:225) outlined 11 significant ‘component theories”. These components are there to outline what they believed to be the purpose of education and I can use this these theories in my comparison to media representations. The component that I feel are the least common in the media are ‘discipline and order’ this is because programmes such as ‘Waterloo Road’ chose to portray a classroom as a place of open chaos, a savage land that needs a strong teacher or head to attempt to tame for learning to take place.  To elaborate, GOV.UK (2015) The purpose of education speech by the Minister of education states ‘Education is the engine of our economy, it is the foundation of our culture, and it’s an essential preparation for adult life’. This means that education is there to prepare us for the transition to adult life and to ensure that we continue to build upon the foundation of British culture and work to improve the economy. if we are to belief the behaviour of the media representations then school children in shows like ‘little Britain’ will never be able to cope with the rules and responsibilities involved in the work place which makes you wonder if they are to be believed what state will the country be in in 20 years’ time. How teachers and students are represented in the media  The Independent. 2018. TV shows like Grange Hill and Waterloo Road put would-be teachers off profession, says chief schools inspector | The Independent. ONLINE Available at: Accessed 16 January 2018.   What the media portrayal of education says about society    How the media portrayal of education will affect public perspective   Bibliography Bartlett, S.,Burton, D., 2016. Introduction to Education Studies. 4th ed. England: SAGE, 2016. The purpose of education – GOV.UK . 2018. The purpose of education – GOV.UK . ONLINE Available at: Accessed 16 January 2018. Page Break