Modern most Americans perceived social order to have been

 Modern liberalism
began through the great society. The Great Society had programs such as
segregation end, civil rights, welfare extension and Medicare among others. This
appealed to many and made Johnson win with a landslide in the 1964
elections.  Johnson’s successor, Richard Nixon went on to adopt the
policies of the Great Society despite not being liberal since most of the
Congressmen were liberals and therefore pushed for Liberal policies. Liberalism
weakened since most Americans perceived social order to have been weakened
severely judging by the various events such as the murders of Son of Sam, the
blackouts in summer of 1977 and riots that followed it, loss of over 340,000
jobs, the high crime rate among other things. All these, the Conservatives had
warned they would happen and thus this marked its rise while it led to the fall
of modern liberalism. The election of Ronald Reagan after Johnson’s successor,
Nixon led to the decline of modern liberalism since Reagan was a total

Ronald Reagan used this
weakness in the social order to enter the office. Together with his colleagues,
Reagan preached the importance of returning America to its traditional values
before the Great Society which was adopted by Liberals in the 1960s. This
appealed to the people who wanted to see an end to the various social changes
which were rapidly transforming their country. All these social changes were
the result of the adoption of the Great Society policies which were promoted by
Liberals starting with Lyndon Johnson and continued by Richard Nixon. The
people wanted a government with less bureaucracy and Reagan upon entering
office utilized his budget as the means to reduce bureaucracy.

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 Reagan, a
conservative wanted the government to be returned to the responsibility and
size it was in before the Great Society, before even the reforms by
Kennedy.  The appointment of conservative judges by Reagan served as his
main tool in ensuring the cultural values of conservatives in the country were
imposed. The judges’ ensured Liberalism and the Great Society were dismantled.

The judges replaced the appointments made by Johnson. Therefore, the previous
courts’ Liberal legacy was done away with in the process as Conservatism took
over the country.  This marked, therefore, marked the fall of modern
Liberalism and the rise of modern conservatism in the United States.

Today, Conservatism is
still a popular ideology in the United States and still influences a great part
of the government and politics. Most of the policies that were promoted by
Conservatives can still be observed under the current government. This is
despite Donald Trump, the current United States’ president having promised to embrace
pragmatism and shun ideologies. Trump’s policy proposals still echo the
conservatives’ cultural values. Examples that show his Conservative stance
include the Affordable Care Act repealing due to its high cost, cutting of
taxes of wealthy Americans so as the economy is stimulated and environmental
policies deregulation among others. However, it is not known if all these
policies will be passed since Americans now do not embrace ideologies but
rather prefer leaders who will sort their problems out.

Therefore, modern
liberalism and conservatism have had their ups and downs in their process of
imposition. However, as conservatism still continues being a popular ideology,
liberalism’s popularity has plummeted as from Richard Nixon’s tenure. Ronald
Reagan, his successor ensured that conservative policies were upheld in the
country. As of today, the ideology still continues to be imposed and have
influenced both in politics and the government.