Mobile today have only been around in these last


Mobile phone is one of the greatest
inventions of human civilization. The advancement in the telecommunication had
lead to the development of the mobile phones. The very first mobile phones were
not alike mobile phones at all. There were two way communications which allows
people like cab drivers, emergency service provider such as ambulance, fire
brigade etc to communicate. The mobile phones as we recognized today have only
been around in these last 2 decades. The existences of these mobile phones have
not been for very long period but also most of the people feel like they
couldn’t live without it. It has already become the part of their lives. Mobile
phones have already become our inseparable companion as the uses of these
phones are growing rapidly day by day in a vast way. The specialties of the
mobile phones are that it has the capacity to send simple text, voice messages
and mainly audio call can be done. It is relatively smaller in size easy to use
and affordable due to its low price. Thus it is regarded as the integral part
of our daily communication.

Nowadays, modern mobile phones consist
of a various features such as GPS, multimedia i.e. transmission of photos,
videos and audio recordings and mainly it can have access to an internet. As
Internet is one of the greatest invention of telecommunication which have
brought an evolutionary changes in communication systems. By the utilizations
of internet in our mobile phones we can have access to various features and it
also help to run different applications such as social application i.e.  Facebook, Tweeter, G-mail etc and it also
helps to run multimedia application such as YouTube.  However, the uses of internet create
additional security challenges to the users and it also creates the risks about
user’s privacy and the integrity of information and communication. Mobile
phones are run by different mobiles networks such as Nepal Telecom in the
context of Nepal.  There are also many
other mobile network which are being used by the users. While using mobile phones
informed decision should be made in order to protect the data and the contact
saved in it. The way how the mobile network and its infrastructure work have
direct affect to the user’s ability of keeping information and communication
secured and private. The mobile networks are run by a commercial entity under
the control of monopoly government. Thus, the commercial entity has the
unlimited access to the information of the users and they can even check and
intercept calls, messages and identity the location of devices as well.

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Some of the people often carry the
mobile phones which include sensitive information such as communication history
i.e. text and voice messages, photos, videos and many other highly confidential
documents. Thus if these mobile phones are lost or stolen then someone can have
easily access to these information or data. Thus information stored on the
phones must be secured. Also the mobile phones which can connect to the
internet are at high risks and vulnerabilities.