Milan research to use the Sagrantino grapes in in

Milan University, the partner in the studies developed at the winery; and luxury and top-quality wine distributors, like Wilson Daniels.Key activitiesFront line Management Produce and sell winesBack office Management The plantation and the research to use the Sagrantino grapes in in large-scale wine production and to find the best ways to manage new vineyards.Key resourcesThe grapes (acids, tannins, skins, pulp, seeds), especially the Sagrantino variety.Value PropositionsWhat value is delivered to which markets?More than a high-quality wine, the Arnaldo Caprai Winery offers a unique experience to their consumers to taste a Sagrantino wine differently from what is known (in the old days, before the changes made by winery, Sangrantino was used only for sweet wines). The winery sells the whole research and development made on this variety, that has been growing in the Montefalco region (middle of Italy) for more than 400 years. It is the mix of tradition and culture with modernity.Communication StrategyArnaldo Caprai has a website (recently reformulated) in which general public and clients can find the history, projects, products, research, and make purchases. At the website, there is also a page dedicated to the B2B.The winery also has a page at Facebook where the company promote products, events, promotions, and accomplishments, like its profile at Instagram.Customer serviceThe customer service at the company represents the value proposal of the company, more than a great wine the public can taste the experience.At the tour of approximately 30 minutes the consumers can go along the vineyards and it continues to the winemaking process, from the fermentation to the barrel aging, to the bottling. After that, the company’s enoteca offers a taste of the most representative labels of the winery in a well-organized environment filled with products, prizes won and advertising. Additionally, they promote a daily wine tasting there.There isn’t a segmented digital communication for B2B beyond the page for customers they already haveLogistics (location, target market)The company operates in foreign markets through representatives and occasionally performing road showsCost structureWhat costs are involved in delivering that value?Costs comprehend constantly research and development of new techniques to use the blend of the grapes and to manage all the production; to acquire all raw material needed (like energy, bottles); the maintenance of the barrels and other installations; production works; salesforce; marketing and communication.Revenue StreamsWhere are the revenues coming from?Certainly, the most part of revenues coming from the long-term businesses with the luxury wines distributors, as wall from restaurants, hotels, clubs and other establishments that have a high purchasing power.If you suggest changes to the current business model – what would they be?One suggestion for them is showing more clearly where the customers can find theirproducts in addition to the company’s headquarter or website. Even if the sales model does not give too much attention to direct B2C channels, retail customers could be able to find the closest restaurant of reseller with Sagrantino wineWhat would you anticipate the effect of the above changes to be? Ie benefits, targets etc.Doing, the company would increase the power of penetration in markets of high purchasing power of end-users as well, complementing the B2B businesses.