METHODDOLOGYETHNOGRAPHICOBSERVATIONLittle premium experience with a range of dresses fromboutique

METHODDOLOGYETHNOGRAPHICOBSERVATIONLittle Black Dress’s customer base spans a wide range and caters for the premiumbuyers, with a focus on 35-40 years old women. The oppurtunity to target eachsegment is high. An ethnographic observation was conducted on 10 females ( agedapproximately 25-45), this observation monitered the amounts of time a participantlooks for a casual dress, party wear, formal wear or bodycon dresses. To make surethe research gave valid results it was done in different stores.The study helped understand the target customer choices for LBD and what theylook for when shopping.7INTERVIEWSSECONDARYRESEARCHVarious secondary reports were used in the report to provide a deeper understandingof the brand’s growth and customer reach and to crtitcally understand LBD’s currentmarketing strategy.Similarweb helped in comparing and understanding LBD’s website traffic, advertisments,social media reach and global online brand engement.Mintel and Euromonitor provided in-depth reviews of consumerbehaviour trends, whilst also delvinginto consumer attitudes towardsLittle Black Dress. Competitor websites allowed comparison between LBD and otherbrands operating in similar markets.User interviews were conducted using 5 participants aging 18-45, the interview consistedof 6 qustions relating to their shopping outfits, how frequently they shop if itsfor specific ocassions, the brands they usually go for and do they prefer to buy themonline or in-store.The intrviews allowed an in depth discussion and understanding of customer choicesby also providing feedback on real customer issues and problems.89BRAND HEALTH10Little Black Dress sells premium dresses online for specialocassions for woman who want somthing a little different and areready to pay a little more.LBD has two “own brand” ranges :’The Little Black Dress collection’&’The Alisha Dixon collection.’Alisha Dixon is LBD’s Brand Ambassador as well as stakeholder.Little Black Dress also works dropship with 50+ brands by easilycapitalizing with ‘whats hot’ in the marketProviding a premium experience with a range of dresses fromboutique brands, dsigners and highstreet names they are establishinga clear position in the market as the ‘Ocassion dress’ specialist.11121. BRAND AWARNESSBRAND HEALTH• Social Media- Instagram – 11K Followers- Facebook – 57K likes- Youtube – 524 subscribers- LBD’s Instagram feed is sartorially curated, projecting afashion-forward image.- The brand posts pictures of their new collections, sales and up-coming events on theirsocial media sites.- 1.94% traffic is from social media (,2018)- Reposted pictures of fashionistas flaunting their LBD dresses are also popular, with thehashtag #MyLBDstory.- Posts of Alesha Dixon’s collections and what she wore on the press events are notuncommon sightsSocial media is a crucial channel for connecting and engaging with different audiences: creatingcommunity and enhancing brand experiences.13(,2017)• Website- The social media is linked to thier website making it easier to shop for instagramers.- The website has the maximum traffic from United Kingdom, followed by US and Turkey.(,2018)(,2018)142. BRAND USAGEBRAND HEALTH- LBD has no stores as its an E-retailer- LBD’s social following has grown over the last year :Facebook +100%Instagram and Twitter +1,000%- Instagram: collaboration with different celebrities whose pictures are possted onInstragram and Facebook.- Alesha Dixon collection helps increase brand audience.151617BRAND HEALTH3. BRAND PERCEPTIONS- High quality, sophisticated products that appeal to the trend consciousconsumer- LBD is all about empowering women to feel fabulous.- The brand positions itself with Ted Baker.- LBD sells affordable premium dresses, with more than 50 brands, includingdesigner, high street, boutique and it’s own exclusive collections.- TV personality Alesha Dixon is a shareholder and designs her own exclusivecollections.18BRAND ESSENCEEXCLUSIVEPREMIUMTRENDYBRAND DNA192021UNITYINTEGRITY,RESPECTANDOPENNESSPASSION FORPERFECTIONCUSTOMERFOCUSINSPIREANDEMPOWERWOMENCORE VALUES22POSITIONINGMAP• Little Black Dress and its compititors are positioned based ontheir e-commerse sites and target customers.• LBD is positioned in the 1st quadrant based on it being onlyan E-retailer and having a comparatively older customer base.23ONLINEIN-STOREMILLENIALS BABYBOOMERSPRETTY LITTLE THINGBOOHOOMISSGUIDEDASOSLIPSYLITTLEBLACKDRESSVERY2425MACRO TRENDS1. POST-DIGITALPost digital examines the next phase of technology innovation,where theboundaries between the real and the virtualbecome increasingly blurred. The growing sophistication of virtual reality,sensor, wearable and other technology is enabling brands and creatives todeliver fully immersive, emotional and seamless experiences to consumers.(,2018)Since LBD is an E-retialer, it can use this trend to its benefit by launching theLBD app consisting of a virtual trial that will enhance customer involvementas well inrease sales.2. PERSONALISATIONIn a saturated consumer market, personalisation and customisation arebenefiting producers looking to differentiate their offering. Brands are activelyseeking out ways that allow their customers to personalise a product orservice and make it bespoke to their individual needs and requirements.(,2018). LBD can use this promotional tactic to emailpersonalised outfits to their customers according to their previous buyings andbrowsings. This will make them feel valued as a part of the brand.26HISTORY2001Visionary David walter acquires LttleBlack Dress copy right2014The new Lttle Black Dress launchesresponsive websites developed+300% sales upliftWholesale outlets sell 5,000 dresses in four weeksAngel investment- Ian Lnagley and Mark Evans on boardNew brand positioning developed.Shortlisted for the ‘Drapers’ Best digital launch 2014.2015Growing awarness-100+ UK brands sell LBD own brand rangeon high street.’Best occassion wear retailer’:Nominated in Cosmopolitan fashion awardsand the reveal fashion awards.272016May- Alesha Dixon joins LBD and develops her debut fashion collection.Lcoal warehouses set-up to fulfil LBD and Alesha Dixon rangesOver 4 million of advertising equivalent PR generated in 4 weeks.Alesha dixon launche campaignes see overall sales and traffic run rateshift from +40% YOY to 130%November black friday sales break all records2017Alesha and LBD ranges launch in March.LD ranges launches on Lipsy and Debenhams as concessionsLBD engages with BDA London as strategic partner r for product designand development.28CURRENTSTRATEGYLittle Black Dress’s strategy for 2017 was– Launching LBD and Alesha Dixon range in march- launch on Lipsy and debenhams as concessions- Celebrity management for social media- Engaging with BDA London as strategic partners forproduct dessign and development.- Long term goal of 50M in 5 years.In the last 3 yars LBD has launched as an online brand andthe business has built a detialed picture of how consumersinteract with the business which shows a low key customerinvolvment.LBD’s strategy of celebrity management for brand ambassadorsand social media is yet to be achieved and will be metwith the recommendations mentioned later.293031CORECOMPETENCIESLBD is a strong, established brand known best for being a premiumdress destination after being relaunched in 2014.Their mission of empowering owmen to feel fabulous is unique andinspiring.The brand has exclusive dress collections designed byAlesha Dixon.Little Black Dress became a nationally loved brand with itsbeautifully designed, content rich website offering unique occasiondresses from a number of high street, boutiques anddesigner brands.32Little Black Dress’s main market is retial.The increase in demand for the luxuary products and rate of onlineshopping adaptation are pushing the fashion e-commerce revenues.This presents a great oppurtunity for fashion retialers andmanufacturing brands, and underlines the power of e-commerce anddigital marketing for the luxuary sector (McKinsey,2016).- The online chanel accounts for vast majrity of retail growth over thecoming years and is expected to grow to £32bn by 2020 (Mintel,2017).- Online retailing is the UK’s largest fashion market and is set toaccount for 28.8% of UK’s online spent by 2019.- Consumers with their complex and busy lives are embracing digitalretail and all its benefits :24/7 access, enhanced brand story telling, product exclusivity andx-brand lifestyle partnerships1.8% increase inretail market(Mintel,2016)MARKET ANALYSIS33£ 126,928£ 263,648DIGITAL RETIAL MARKETING SPEND 2015-2020 (£M)201520203435COMPETITOR ANALYSIS36PRIMARYCOMPETITORS- MISSGUIDED- ASOS-PRETTY LITTLETHINGPRIMARYCOMPETITORS- MISSGUIDED- ASOS- PRETTY LITTLETHINGPRIMARYCOMPETITORSTHINGS37SECONDARYCOMPETITORSBOOHOO -LIPSY -VERY -383940PRODUCT- Missguided offers a vast range of clothing, shoes and accessories.- The brand ads 150 new products online and 1000 new styles every week.(Missguided,2018)- It has generated awarness by sponsoring the Manchester fashion network in events such asMCR fashion week.- The brand collaborated with Nicole Scherzinger to bring out a 30 piece collection.- The brand also unvieled a premium diffusion line entitled ‘Peace + Love’.- Joining forces with powerful fashion bloggers increased the brand profile to a wideraudience.- Affordable rapid fashion made for style-driven, confident women, with extensive wardrobeand style needs.(,2018)- Compared to LBD, Missguided has an upper hand due to its well established website, socialmedia accounts and large audience.PRICE- Prices are lower than Little Black Dress, making it more affordable.Price range : £2.99 – £78.99PLACE- The brand has its headquaters in Manchester.- It ships across Europe, Australia and the United States.- Flagship store in Westfield stratford city, LondonKEY MESSAGE”Empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be w ho they want to be.Missguided is a bold, straight talking and forward thinking fashion brand inspired byreal life that aims to do exactly that.” (,2018)41Missguided Flagship store LondonPROMOTION- Social media following :Instagram – 2.7M followersFacebook – 1.1M likes- Instagram accounts linked to website to shop ‘The look’- #BabesofMissguided used to tag looks.- 10% student discounts- Youtube and Fcebook pages used to upload seasonal collections- 10% discount at the checkout if a shopper followed the prompt to ‘like’ their Facebookpage, therfore increasing social media followings.424344PRODUCT- Global fashion destination for 20 somthing.- Offers a wide range of cutting edge fashion- New line of children clothing started called ‘Little ASOS’- The brand also sells beauty products like Bourjois.- Sells over 80,000 brands and own-brand products.- 300,000 dresses sold each week (,2018)- Sells brands such as Calvin Klein, Karen Millen, Nike and People tree.- Compared to LBD, ASOS has an upper hand due to its vast audience, global expansion,strong network and social media.PRICE- Affordable fashion but does have higher pricing for some products and brands.Price range : £15 – £270PLACE- Headquaters in Greater London House, Hampstead Road- No stores as it operates Online only.KEY MESSAGE”We focus on fashion as a force for good, inspiring young people to expresstheir best selves and achieve amazing things. We believe fashion thrives onindividuality and should be fun for everyone.” (,2018)45PROMOTION- Provides promotions like discount codes- Regular emails to registered customers regarding new products and sales- The fashion blogs include information about the latest fashion trends and news aboutcelebrities, and cat walk model videos of products that are being sold on the website.- Social media following :Instagram – 6.6M followersFacebook – 5.2M likes- Tag looks #AsSeenOnMe to get featured in their blogs- 124K #AsSeenOnMe looks submitted between Jan-July’16 (,2018)- 10M active installs of the ASOS app (,2018)464748PRODUCT- Offers a vast range of clothing, shoes and accessories.- 100+ products added daily- Product range includes everything from trend led pieces, celebrity inspired looks, everydaywardrobe staples to that ultimate party piece. (Prettylittlething,2018)- Work with high profile influencers and on-brand bloggers to create new fashion trends.- Newly launched “Girl” collection on the website of perfect matching pairs for mother and daughter.- Sells over 20 makeup brandsPRICE- Prices are lower than Little Black Dress, making it more affordable.Price range : £2 – £120PLACE-No stores as it operates online only-Due to its phenomenal UK growth, their next goal is to launch overseas.- Currently present and making waves in AUS, US and France. (PLT,2018)KEY MESSAGE”At PrettyLittleThing we provide you with the latest women’s clothes you need toown your own style, delivering you product inspired from the catwalk and the coolestceleb muses of the moment.” (,2018)49Pretty Little Thing website(PLT Student discounts)PROMOTION- Provides promotions like student discount codes.- #PLTSTYLE to get featured in the blogs.- Increases brand following through contests andfree giveaways- Social media following :Instagram – 2.9M followersFacebook – 1.2M likesYoutube – 5,388 subscribersThe PLT App provides instant access to news,fashion trends and PLT blogs.50PERCEPTUALMAP• Little Black Dress and its compititors are positioned based onthier pricing strategy and product variety.• Little Black Dress is positioned in the 3rd quadrant based onits comparatively high pricing and product variety.51EXPENSIVEECONOMICALHIGHVARIETYLOWVARIETYLITTLEBLACKDRESSPRETTY LITTLE THINGBOOHOOMISSGUIDEDASOSLIPSYVERY52BRANDHEALTHTHE CONSUMER535455TARGET MARKET- LBD has developed a strong understanding of its target audience in thepast 4 years.- The E-retailer mainly focuses to aim on women under the age range of35-45 years.- It’s customer base spans a wide age range and caters for thepremium buyers (,2018)- LBD has customers on file from age 15-81.- Majority of visitors on the website are 24-34 years old and theaverage age of returning cutomer is 41.- The students also account for a portion of the E-retialer’starget audience,this market however has very low income but they continue toupdate their wardrobe for special occasions. (Mintel,2017)- Research highlight that the 16-64 years old demographic account for61%of the total population in UK (, 2018)- Manchester has a student population of over 85,000 students signifyingthat there is a vast growth potential for brands like LBD.(,2018)”THE UNSTOPPABLE FEMALE”56CONSUMERSEGMENTATION- Little Black Dress has a primary audience of women who are 35 to 45years old.They believe in championing real women who inspire.Those women who dream big and work hard to achieve their goals andshare their drive.(,2018)They create the best dresses for their customers to venture out into theworld of weddings, parties, BBQs, picnics in the park, cruises and prom,to name but a few.(,2018)These women have strong sense of style and express their identitythrough their choice of clothing.575859PEN PORTRAITThe portrait on the left shows LBD’s perception of their target consumer ,a 25-45 year old women.These consumers are women who work and some of them have children(aged 8-22 yrs).They can be single moms, university student or a businesswomanThese are style conscious women, who have a relatively high disposableincome, and is all about women empowerment.They are bold,expressive and determined and love themselves for who they are.Their motivation can be their family, their kids, or their work but whatscommon amongst them is their love for fashion.6061SWOT ANALYSIS621. STRENGTHSSWOT ANALYSIS3. OPPURTUNITIES- Established E-commerec website- Visually coherant designs and styling of their social media- Clearly defined target audience throughout their website and social media accounts.- Garment quality and designs- Alesha Dixon collections- Young females are the fastest growing demographic in social mediaengagement, so LBD should expand their target audience.- Celebrity endorsement- Brand ambassadors- Enhance website and social media experience for user- Introduce online and offline outlets to deliver a multichannel brand that has astrong identity.- The proposal of store launch may encourage new customers who dnt shop onlineand are unaware of the brand as well.- LBD app can give easy access and constant communication with LBD customers.- Expand to tumblr, Pintrest and Twitter632. WEAKNESSESSWOT ANALYSIS4. THREATS- Weak social media- Unsuccessful digital marketing strategies- LBD’s pictures of models wearing different collections is of low quality and arenot enticing enough for its customers.- Brands that have established social