Mesopotamia website Ancient, it stated “Farmers had to

goes by many nicknames, but it’s known for two of them. Mesopotamia is a Greek
meaning for the Fertile Crescent because the soil was fertile and the Land
between Two Rivers (Tigris and Euphrates.) Mesopotamia is a small land that is
located in the Middle East, currently known also as Iraq and its part of the
modern day Turkey, Iran and Syria (Southeastern.) In the ancient Mesopotamia,
they had a population over 20,000 which also include the government (Kings who
ruled in Mesopotamia as well all Elected Officials who also served to rule.)

            What I like about Mesopotamia is their way of farming;
knowing that Mesopotamia is very dry to even grow crops and receive any water
to help them grow. There’s a reason why the names Fertile Crescent and the two
rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) plays a part. The weather in Mesopotamia was not
pleasant and it wasn’t needed for any farming, it was hot and rain didn’t come
throughout the seasons to could cool it down. It probably did rain in the area
but probably just a very tiny little bit because farming didn’t go as planned
for farmers in Mesopotamia to grow their crops. According to the website
Ancient, it stated “Farmers had to find ways to find water for their crops. Floods sometimes
caused rivers to change courses. A lot of trouble is caused to the farmers’
crops when river changed its course.” I believe that the farmers use the two
rivers to help grow their crops but when it rains the flood destroys the crops
and also their homes in the cities and small villages, which by the way cause
it to wash everything away. To help control the floods, the Mesopotamia farmers
built a water system that will help water flow in the direction from the rivers
to the planting of their crops. It helps all the crops growing during the time
of a good season and supply food for the people of Mesopotamia. In modern
Mesopotamia today, farming is probably much easier than how it was back in the
B.C. days. Tools today are more advance with technology, they use plows to make
their garden sections off in an even roll and at the same time it spreads the
seeds around as the plow moves. Tools back than were handle with the hands of
people and animals, for example cows. They use cows to help them plant the
seeds into the ground by plowing them by using a stone of clay hoe. I know back
then it was easier for them to plant crops because they found a technique that
works for them in order to help the crops grow. In today modern world, we will
not be able to use tools that Mesopotamia use if technology is taking over. We
will take advantage of all the cool tool/technology that will keep our
garden/crops growing healthy. So what kinds of crops were planted by the
farmers in Mesopotamia? The crops that were mainly growing in Mesopotamia was
barley and wheat, as soon the water system was helping the fertile soil more
other crops started to show up. For example, figs, dates, beans etc… the more
crops that grow the more people of Mesopotamia started to hunt for their food.

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Tools has become a big thing in
Mesopotamia, to catch their food they use tools made out of clay, stone, metal,
and string (a net) to catch fish, use spears/arrows to hunt sheep’s and cows to
make clothing and to also eat and they also they catch birds to probably use
their beaks to make a weapon. The farmers also use their crops to trade for
tools and other things because they didn’t have any money, but it has become
the big deal when Mesopotamia develops as a civilization. The tools they use
can also help built back homes that were destroy by the floods and built a wall
to protect them from the floods and prevent the overflow of the river. Farming
is rising, to the point it’s giving small villages and cities food and a
growing population. Everything was handling with care, the flooding was managed
and the farmers were able to keep the crops blossom as needed by watering them.
The more crops that is being grown, the more food there is to give and trade
for in getting to support families and the community. This will keep the
population from decreasing by numbers.

In conclusion, because of farming and
also building a community and other things; Mesopotamia civilization began to
grow bigger. There were more cities showing up throughout the periods of
Mesopotamia, vehicles were being made; for example, the chariots was one of
those made to transport the crop and people. It was the fastest vehicle to
travel from point A to point B. Things has now open up for the people to
explore and work, just like in today’s society. We are able to trade for goods
and make a profit out of them, we were rich just by doing what’s best to keep
our families and work together.  Just
think if the people didn’t built that wall to block the flood or made wheeled vehicles’
like the chariot, what will civilization look in Mesopotamia? Will it affect farming
in today’s modern day in Iraq? Well history will speak for itself; it has to
make that change to see what if.




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