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Mental health nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however the rewards  is amazing at the end of the career. My ambition to study for a degree in Mental Health Nursing has always been a dream as I started working as care worker. This is part of the main reason why I am immensely interested in the field of mental health as it has inspired me in many ways in how to care for patients with mental challengers such as dementia, autism, epilepsy, schizophrenia. I have been working in the care profession since 2007 and it has developed my experience of working in the care sector. During my Job as a support worker in healthcare, I have gained experience in different care settings such as domiciliary care, residential care, mental health hospital and learning disabilities. Domiciliary care helps people to live in their own home. Domiciliary is specifically designed individualized care to meet specific needs and gives an individual and his family more control over the type of care received at home. As member of staff I am committed to putting patient first at all times, adopting therapies and treatments for recovery and safety. The main responsibilities of mental health worker are delivering care according to patients care plan, building relationships to encourage trust through listening and giving helping hands to their needs, applying restraints techniques where necessary to calm down behaviour and manage emotions.Access to Higher Education Health has given me the opportunity to gain new and exciting knowledge from each of the diverse units we have studied. This course has made me enjoyed the different modules on Phycology, Professional health practice and Biology which are needed in healthcare. Under going this course has prepared me to further my in mental health nursing. This course also built my communication and understanding skills which all plays a major role in helping vulnerable people. My course has given me the opportunity to gain new and exciting knowledge from each of the diverse units we have studied. My strong mathematical background has given me problem solving and logical skills I feel will be needed for nursing, as well as giving me a good understanding of the mathematics involved in nursing. Further Science taught me to apply a range of practical methods to solve simple solution, and to apply logical techniques to most problems. My proudest achievement of NVQ 2 as a care worker has enabled me to work with different agencies and working with severely mental disorder patients. My regularly updated First Aid trainings makes me able to administer CPR whenever is required in emergencies.Overall,  my strength in good teamwork, working on own initiative, reliability and experience gained increase the passionate in me to further my education in the health care as a nurse.