“Medicine Diagnostic medical sonographer are the 3 medical careers

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability”- William Osler. Medicine has been changing and evolving throughout time thanks to new inventions and medical professionals. Neonatal nurse, Pharmacy Technician, and Diagnostic medical sonographer are the 3 medical careers that I have an interest in perusing after I graduate from high school. I chose these particular careers because I really enjoy being with children and little babies and being able to bond with them and always put a smile on their faces. Also, I chose to learn about a Pharmacy technician and a Diagnostic medical sonographer because I didn’t know very much information about them and what they do so I was curious and interested in learning more about each of them. First, I will begin to describe and elaborate on what a Neonatal nurse is. A Neonatal nurse is a person who works with new born babies that have a wide range of issues including birth defects, infections, and more serious issues that must be dealt with after the baby is born. To be this type of nurse you must have empathy, be a critical thinker in stressful situations and also must be very disciplined. The steps to becoming a Neonatal nurse is you have to be a registered nurse by completing a 4 years Bachelor degree in science in nursing and have years of clinical experience. University of Texas at Austin, Texas Woman’s University and Baylor University are some local schools that offer nursing programs that I would consider applying to after I graduate from high school to gain my Bachelor’s degree. A Neonatal nurse roughly makes about $100,000 a year about $30 per hour on average and usually work about 40 hours with different work shifts. For example, a nurse could work 5 days and 8 hours per day that week or work 4 days and 10 hours per day that week. Depending on how much experience you have in your career also can be a factor in how much money you would be making.