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topic I choose is Usability, Integration, and Interoperability in Healthcare
Technology. Technology is the organization of knowledge for practical services.
This topic focuses on the capability of technology to interact with health and
how it has managed to function perfectly without problems to provide good
health care services to people. We first need to acknowledge that technology
has made our life much easier. Usability, in this case, is the extent to which
a product of technology being used to achieve the specified goals with
effectiveness.  Interoperability in
healthcare refers to the ability of different software’s and information
technology system to communicate, exchange data and use the information to improve
the patients’ healthcare. Its main purpose is to improve our life and eradicate
some of the diseases we currently battle, and if successful we can increase our
lifespan. Technology has made a great impact on healthcare. Technology is the
“science of craft” that’s according to the Greek definition. It is a collection
of techniques, methods, skills, and processes used in the production of goods
and services or to accomplish objectives. We live in a world where technology
is the norm, and we use it on our day to day basis hence it can’t be ignored or
wished away. Technological advancement is something common in this day and age
as we can see that new inventions are made on a regular basis to make our lives
easier.  A good example is how vaccines
have been invented such as polio, Measles and has drastically reduced deaths.







example of a technological advancement that has made a great stride in reducing
death rates is a man-made pacemaker. A man made pacemaker is a medical equipment
which uses electrical thrusts, that are transported by electrodes making the
heart muscles smaller. It helps to adjust heart beats. It assists people who
have problems with their hearts to lead a normal life. It’s a small device that
is implanted in someone’s heart through surgery. On normal days if you
encounter someone with a pacemaker you might not be able to notice it unless
they tell you because it is deep inside the body either on the chest or
abdomen, they appear normal and can live a normal life just like any other
person. Technology has been able to increase the life span of people at the
same time improving their lifestyle. Imagine back in the medieval ages when a
person who was born with a heart deficiency how were they able to survive and
did they live for long?

someone from 200 years ago can find himself/herself in the current world, they
would think that they have traveled into a different dimension and might even
view the current Medicare as sorcery. 
Knowledge for practical practices in healthcare has enhanced
effectiveness usefulness of accepted range in people seeking medical care, and
the process has enhanced the entire experience for both patients and medical
experts. Some of the major healthcare technology trends and innovations that I
will discuss include

1.    Availability of information and big data

Currently, worldwide
data are accessible and the means to store and process it. The internet has
made it easy for us to be able to get all this information which is printed in
books weigh tones and tones and would occupy a lot of space but can now be
retrieved via a personal PC  or
Phone.     This ‘huge data’ that contains
healthcare information allows the entire field worldwide to benefit from it.
Now you can access larger and more diverse population groups than before.

2.    Electrical medical records

Previously medical
records and previous visits to doctors, dentists, and medical specialist were
stored in different locations. This information which contains diagnosis,
allergies, etc. can now be stored centrally in one online place and reached
anytime they are needed. This allows more focus and proper care as well as the
ability to see health patterns.

3.    Improved communication

Innovations have
facilitated smoother communications within healthcare organizations.
Professionals in this field can now use videos, online platforms to communicate
and elevate the spread of knowledge in this field.

I have been able to use technological advancement in the field severally. I
have been able to go online, use the internet to study and have also watched
some videos on YouTube on how to conduct certain nursing procedures and
functions. The positive part about this is that I was able to gain more
knowledge through a different channel of teacher-student. I also found that the
on the internet the same concept was explained to me differently in simpler
term hence it was easy to understand it.

connection between health and technology is quite broad. Technology has an
impact  both positive and negative on an
individual’s body and mind. The repercussions on a person’s physical health
include vision problems, neck strain, and hearing loss among others. All this
are the negative effects that can result on an individual’s body. These days
someone can do all their shopping or order anything they want from the stores
in the click of a button. This result to increase in obesity as people don’t go
outside to exercise as just walking from point A to point B is an exercise
which can go a long way to help the body maintain physical fitness.

has the cognitive ability to think and make decisions, but most of the times we
don’t but rely on search engines which are readily available and easy to access
to go online and search for whatever we want. There is this notion that “Google
is never wrong” and even on things that we know we don’t want to use our brains
and think because we have Google and other search engines. Same applies to the
typing keyboard which these days come with the ability to correct spelling and
predict the statement you want to write, instead of a person doing the old
fashion way of going to the dictionary to get the correct spelling he/she has
technology which does all that.

distraction is the process of one’s attention being preoccupied or diverted by
something or someone else. Our smartphones have become so sophisticated and
currently have calculators, flashlight, weather forecaster, radio, and social
media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whats app, twitter, etc. and
many more features. In a day we try to fit all these things in our schedule, we
try to fit in our normal working schedule as an employed worker with catching
up with friends on social media, watching the latest movies, music, and comedy
on YouTube, replying to our emails. Technology has become a major distraction
in our day to day life activities and eats up valuable minutes in our day to
day life.

days interactions is usually done online on social media platforms this has
affected  face to face meeting resulting
in a lack of much needed social skills. It is also affecting our relationships
with our partners, family and friends. It is common to see when family are
together eating dinner instead of the good old face to face conversation you
will find people glued to their ipad or phone screen busy interacting.
Technology has become like a comfort zone with people not needing to go far to
interact. While walking around its common to see people glued on their phone socializing
on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, whats app, snap
chat and many more which are invented 
frequently as they are usually in a competition to outshine their
competitors. It is common to find people who are unable to kick off a
conversation when they are face to face but once safely hidden behind a phone
screen or an ipad they can successfully have a productive conversation. These
face to face social interactions are vital for our mental health.

       Environmental pollution usually occurs
as a result of mismanagement of technology and lack of proper control measures.
Technological advancement has seen the production of more weapons, machines and
automobiles. This large industry which manufacture those things end up emitting
large amounts of Carbon (IV) oxide which has degraded the environment immensely.


technology refers to all the different and usable technologies developed by a
culture or people. It also consists of knowledge organized for practical
purposes. technology is an important tool in our day to day activities and none
of us can change its advancement as its time is ripe, however we should also be
aware of its negative impact and try to avoid those we can avoid. The  main target is to use this experience to
improve the lifestyle of people and in the process increase the lifespan of
humans. What I have learned will influence my work great as I will use the
knowledge I have garnered to assist people in my medical field.


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