Matthew That is only one danger in the NFL.NFL

Matthew MyrenMrs. HarmonDangers of NFL19 January 2018Dangers of playing in the NFLThere are lots of dangers and downsides of playing football in the NFL. Many people old and young have been affected by injuries from playing football. Some problems are injuries, time away from family, CTE, too much money, and brain damage. The NFL does try to help with all of these issues but it doesn’t always work. Playing in the NFL is dangerous and does have downsides.One big problem with the NFL is injuries. Many people have been injured and had their career ended because of injuries. According to ESPN, “37.7 percent of all injuries caused players to miss games” (“Press”). If you get hurt on the job frequently, it is not ok. Also, if you getting injured on the job and it makes you miss your job that’s is also not ok. An injury can also make your career end which is kind of sad because doing you job makes it so you can’t do your job anymore. In the NFL there are 3.7 injuries per team each week (“Press”). If you compare it to an office job that has 15 workers in a department that would mean that every week almost four people would be gone. That is only one danger in the NFL.NFL players spend a lot of time away from their families. Football player make a lot of money yes, but everything comes at a price. Adrian Peterson says that people thinks it’s easy playing in the NFL but football takes up the whole year and you spend more time with your coaches than with your families (“Warner”). If you are spending more time with your coach then with your families that is a little crazy. You love your families, your coaches are just there to help with your talent. You should be spending more time with family than with coaches. According to the National Football Post, “their free fun time is usually crammed into three or four weekends out of the year” (“5 surprising”). A normal person with a full time job usually gets one or two days out of the weekend every weekend but football players only get three weekends out of the year. That does not seem fair, but that is a downside of playing in the NFL.Another very big danger of playing in the NFL is CTE. CTE is a brain disease that you can get from getting hit in the head constantly.  CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.  The CTE center says you can only be diagnosed with CTE after you die (“Frequently”). If you know it’s possible to have a life threatening that is scary. Also if you can die or have your life changed forever, you might want to consider a different passion. According to the CTE center 99 percent of NFL players will have CTE (“Frequently”). If you play in the NFL, you are almost guaranteed to have the disease. The disease changes how you think and if you have it your family members might be affected to.People think having lots of money is a good thing which it is but it can also be a bad thing if you don’t use it properly. ESPN says that a lot of players spend money that they don’t have (“ESPN”). If you think you are getting a lot of money your instinct is to go buy stuff. But if you don’t have the money yet and something happens in the time before your draft then you are in the bank a lot of money. ESPN says buying things leads to buying more things (“ESPN”). If you buy three cars, then you are going to have to buy a three car garage. If you buy a three car garage, the house is going to be bigger which also cost more money. This could go on and on for a long time which is why some NFL players are in so much debt. According to the Marketplace, “About 15 percent of players are bankrupt after being out of the league for about a dozen years” (“Staff”). If you don’t spend your money wisely, you could end up bankrupt and then you wouldn’t be able to buy anything at all.