“Mass This impacts the local people as they struggle

“Mass tourism brings more advantages than disadvantages for a country.”Tourism is the act of touring an area for pleasure or business, thus attracts businesses like hotels and resorts, theme parks and restaurants.Tourist want to experience new experiences and new cultures as well as a new lifestyle. However with this they often forget that they are actually visitors to that particular destination and instead they can act rather disrespectfully to the laws and regulations in the country. It has been reported that rubbish piled on the beaches of Phuket has increased by 150% by just 1 year after the area became a global hit destination. Tourism has consumed most of Phuket’s beaches that local people of the area do not roam the beaches at all. However, there is benefits in this case has it has been reported that Phuket has opened 10 major hotels like Centara resorts soon after its popularity launched along restaurants and theme parks. Hence, creating almost ten thousand  jobs in Phuket alone and a total of 6.2 million jobs created in the whole of thailand due to tourism. Mass tourism can cause major cities to be extremely crowded, causing major traffic in big cities or area of attraction. This impacts the local people as they struggle to go to work, however taxi drivers in the area will benefit greatly from the increase demand for them, as well as public transport system which will increase government spending from the profits (assuming that government owns the transport links) Therefore further boosting economic growth as government now have more money to invest.Tourism can boost a country’s economic growth as well as the standard living. Continuing from using Thailand as an example, unemployment in area of attraction decreased dramatically thus increasing consumer income leading to an increase in consumer spending in the area. For example a newly popular tourist destination called ‘Khum cha nod’ has boost the local economy supplying better hotels, better roads and jobs for the local. With this there has been a major increase in car sales in the area where people can now afford to purchase a car as well as a decrease in death rate over the past 4 years. Due to the act of building better roads there is also a decrease in road related accidents which accounts for the 2nd biggest reason for deaths in Thailand, now in 2018 it has now dropped the being the 3rd biggest reason for deaths in Thailand. However, government educational systems has failed to improve as government concentrate in improving facilities that only benefits Tourist they forget important investments such as education. Poorer families that cannot send their children to private schools are forced to send their kids to government school where they are poorly educated with old reused books and half ruined classrooms and damaged facilities it makes it difficult for students to aim high for success, this often leads to children as young as 8 dropping out of school permanently. With the previous being said first world cities like Dubai has benefited greatly from tourism where they have made a total of 90 billion US dollars during the past year. With this not only is business and economic growth booming, educational systems as also been improved greatly due to government spending in the area. Another beneficial factor includes government investing into the destination of attraction. In thailand it is estimated that by 2020 the thai government would have spent a total of 64 billion US dollars on transportation of the act of tourism increases, for example building more motorways to the attraction or setting up BTS or train links to the attraction. This will greatly benefit companies as they can transfer goods efficiently as well as locals with better transport now in placed. However, with all of this investment there is a cost, such as wildlife as big motorways passes through the secrete land for elephants, and with cars and trucks constantly passing by the elephants are forced to travel back up to the mountain tops, where there are lack of water in order to survive. However, it is not thailand alone that wildlife have suffer due to tourism, places such as Australia and Costa Rica where coral reefs are being destroyed due to tourism snorkeling and carelessly breaking off arms of the coral themselves. It is said that in Costa Rica 93 percent of the coral are endangered and tourism is a major part to their degradation. In Conclusion, Tourism varies from one place to another, in other words in countries like thailand where government only invest in Tourist related investment and the City Dubai where government focuses on both factors thus tourism on places like dubai is more beneficial to the local people than places like thailand. However with laws and regulations being put in place as well as fair investments tourism can massively benefit any country and the economy.