Mason green patina color. Most architects use it because

Mason Hernandez Mrs. Kendl 6 1-11-18 Copper Copper has been used for tons of things such as wires, mirrors, pans, weights, and so on. It’s history dates back 10,000 years ago and it is still used. It is said to be one of the first metals to be bent by man. Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Native Americans Used it for decorative items like ornaments. There was a period called the Copper Age. They didn’t use it for weapons because of its weakness. By 3000 BC they had the ability to remove copper from ore bodies, it was the expanding use of copper and copper alloys. In Egypt, Egyptians built copper tubes for conveying water. The copper tubes were 328 feet in length. Egyptians also used copper for razors and mirrors. In 2millennium BC China was mass producing bronze items, they also made copper and tin to make swords, axes, bells, and arrows. Today copper is used for wires and other useful things. Copper is known as “the red metal” it is one of the most conductive metals in the world. Once it comes into contact in air it corrodes and turns in to a green patina color. Most architects use it because of its color. Copper is very weak and can be bent with just your hand. Copper is very hard to break or snap, because of this it is used for piping and tube applications. It is also good for cookware such as pots or pans because it heats up the food quickly. The International Copper Association estimated that in 2014 roughly 21 million metric tons of copper were being used. It is used more for wiring because it is more durable than silver or gold and it is more common than gold. The common alloys of copper are bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, cupronickel, nickel silver, and beryllium copper.  Copper’s number on the periodic table is 29, its period number is 4, and its group number is 11. Its weight is 63.546 because of its density, its density is 8.933 grams per cubic centimeter. It is classified as a metal and is a solid. Its Melting point is 135.77 and is boiling point is 2836k. Copper