Mary men judging the ability of women. In conclusion,

Mary Wollstonecraft’s essay “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” to whom she dedicated M. Talleyrand-Perigord summaries her key arguments. She argues the point that women simply do not have the same rights as men through various examples of principles. A prime example would be the quote “…the same motive leads me earnestly to wish to see women placed in a station in which she would advance, instead of retarding, the progress of those glorious principles that give a substance to mortality”(P.37). Showing the Wollstonecraft is trying to see more women progress in life they fail to be left behind and to also giving meaning to their existence as a whole. Wollstonecraft goes on to talk about the nature of the European world using the country France to further argue her key points. “In France, there is undoubtedly a more general diffusion of knowledge than in any part of the European world, and I attribute to it, in a great measure, to the social intercourse which has long subsisted between the sexes”(P.37). What Wollstonecraft is trying to say is that France has the greatest gap of knowledge between both sexes. Also showing how France is a place “of sensuality yet that has been extracted to regale the voluptuary.” Wollstonecraft goes on to talk about the principle of modesty which in today’s society is prevalent through the example of jobs. “…to improve the morals of their fellow-citizens, by teaching men, not only to respect modesty in women but to quire it themselves, as the only way to merit their esteem”(P.38). This basically shows the moral of women would be greater if there were fewer men judging the ability of women. In conclusion, Wollstonecraft is using an example from everyday situations to display the differences in men and women that still exist to this day. She uses whole countries as examples to add emphasis on how big the problem of women rights is an issue. Slowly with protests such as Wollstonecraft essay through writings and reading is showing a change in modern day society.