Mary Grade 10 the Holt Adapted Reader: Elements of

Mary HarrisAngesAP English9 January 2017Medieval ValuesDuring the medieval times, chivalry was considered the generic term for the knightly system. The word ‘chivalry’ derives from the French word chevalier meaning a horseman; a knight or a gallant young man. This genre inspires virtues and qualities such as honor, honesty, valor and loyalty. These being the characters that were needed to become a knight. Chivalry is often described in literature as a term referring to the codes of conduct, including courtly love, adhered to by knights.During the period of William the Conqueror in 1066, a code of chivalry was documented in ‘The Song of Roland’. For his beauty the ladies hold him dear;Who looks on him, with him her heart is pleased,When she beholds, she can but smile for glee.Was no pagan of such high chivalry.      This described the betrayal of Count Roland at the hand of Ganelon. Roland, a loyal defender of his liege Lord Charlemagne and his code of conduct became understood as a code of chivalry. And introduced the knightly codes of chivalry: (recorded according to source “Chivalry”.                                                     Fear God and maintain His ChurchTo serve the liege lord in valour and faithTo protect the weak and defencelessTo give succour to widows and orphansTo refrain from the wanton giving of offenceTo live by honour and for gloryTo despise pecuniary rewardTo fight for the welfare of allTo obey those placed in authorityTo guard the honour of fellow knightsTo eschew unfairness, meanness and deceitTo keep faithAt all times to speak the truthTo persevere to the end in any enterprise begunTo respect the honour of womenNever to refuse a challenge from an equalNever to turn the back upon a foeThe code of chivalry was also described by the 14th Century by the Duke of Burgundy:FaithCharityJusticeSagacityPrudenceTemperanceResolutionTruthLiberalityDiligenceHopeValourWorks Cited”Chivalry.” Chivalry, World Literature, Grade 10 the Holt Adapted Reader: Elements of Literature World Literature.Holt Mcdougal, 2006.