Marriage of submitted connections between same-sex partners to a

Marriage is a commitment among two individuals. This
commitment mainly deals with loyalty, trustworthiness, and love. It is a
permanent contract that allows two people to be together providing them with
benefits of rights and taxes. In society today it is questioned on if these
rights and benefits should be given to people among the same sex. Gay marriage
is two people / partners / lovers of the same sex in a relationship. Many
people say yes while others may say no. The controversy lies with different opinions
and viewpoints within the topic or idea of gay marriage.Gay marriage has its pros and cons among society.
Everyone has their own belief and decision on the idea of gay marriage.  According to, people who see the
idea of gay marriage as a positive concept say that, “Same-sex couples should have access to the
same benefits enjoyed by heterosexual married couples.” This textual evidence
explains how people who are for the idea of gay marriage think that they should
have the same privileges as marriage of the opposite sex. They believe they are
equally the same as marriage of the opposite sex. On the other hand also
says that people who are against gay marriage and see it as a negative concept
say, “Marriage is for procreation and should not be extended to same-sex
couples because they cannot produce children together.” This citation depicts
the opposing side and how someone else and like many others may have a
different opinion upon gay marriage.
Many hetero sexual marriages cannot produce children
due to the sterility. However we still find these marriages as vital marriages.
Those who share beliefs that marriage is only for those of opposite sex because
with same sex you are not eligible to produce children of your own. While many
people have their own beliefs and own side of pros and cons, there are reasons
to this ( Researchers have discovered that the mental and social
parts of submitted connections between same-sex partners to a great extent take
after those of hetero organizations.  Like hetero couples, same-sex couples form
deep emotional attachments and commitments.  Same-sex and hetero couples face similar issues
such as closeness, love, loyalty and stability, and they experience similar
procedures to address those issues.  Researchers
also depict that lesbian and gay couples have higher levels of relationship
than those of hetero couples.  Many
people have searched deeper into the topic of gay marriage. Everyone has a different reaction to things, whether
it’s positive or negative.  According to
CNN politics when gay marriage had its ruling in 2016 hundreds of people
gathered outside of the Supreme Court with rainbow colored flags and chanting
U. S. A! These people felt victory among this ruling while others felt that
hard times were coming. Some said, “I don’t support gay marriage for the same
reason I don’t support abortion. Both are wrong in God’s eyes and I won’t
support that.” Having their own mind set and opinion, some people think this
gives equality and freedom of not having to be abused because they are gay and
some feel it is attached to a religious aspect and not the right way of life (Michael
Pearson, Ray Sanchez and Michael Martinez, CNN).Reaction to same sex
marriage has psychological roots, and sometimes they change. Individuals who are religiously affiliated have
important factors regarding their own right and belief. Religiously affiliated
individuals attend religious services and hold more literal or traditional
interpretations of religious writings and are more opposed to same-sex
marriage. One examination discovered individuals who saw God as a male were likely
to be opposed. Same-sex marriage reactions can be predicted in view of our
political and religious beliefs, and our statistic traits. More religious
individuals were more opposed to same-sex marriage because of the fact that
they had more negative attitudes to homosexuality. However gay people go to
church also. They don’t believe in the same sex sin because they know that God
doesn’t judge anyone. It’s not about who you are with but the character you
portray and the actions you make.

In conclusion, the answer as to the reasons so many
people react different to the topic or idea of gay marriage, is still debatable
but one idea for sure is that everyone is different. Gay marriage creates a
controversial issue that incites everyone to have a different reaction. There
are those individuals who are for gay marriage and feel that it is a positive
outcome towards society and there are those who react by stating that gay
marriage is more than a bad idea. have demonstrated and reflected on
individuals reactions and how different they can be portrayed. For example some
react by saying they should have the same equality and freedom as heterosexual
couples and the opposing side say that they shouldn’t because they aren’t
eligible to have children of their own. CNN politics has also depicted its
aspects of how people react differently to gay marriage, such as religious
affiliated individuals react in the aspect of the idea not being the right way
of life in God’s eyes, they see it as a sin of life.   Many
gay organizations have submitted varying degrees of proof for equal rights and
or identical rights to that of hetero couples. 
The gay community has gained much ground in the past few years and
continues to do through social and legal fights for equality.  They have also gotten much support from
government and lawmakers even though they have seen much rejection from others
within the same leadership and areas of society.   One thing for sure is that today, it is
clear that they have gained more acceptances and notoriety than they ever had

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