Mark Zuckerberg has been successful throughout his whole life.

Zuckerberg has been successful throughout his whole life. He excelled in all subjects
at School and was an excellent student who always worked hard. In his later
High School years, he was one of his schools top students for his academic
performances. In fact, he had such good grades during his time in high school
it earned him a place at Harvard University.

During his
sophomore year at Harvard, he created a website called Facemash.  A website where students could vote and rate each
other anonymously based on appearance. The site was immensely popular, but had
to close down due to breaking the school policies, mainly because some students
did not appreciate pictures of themselves being sharing without their consent.

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After the
site down had shut down, Zuckerberg realized the potential, a site where people
could connect together had. He evolved, expanded on his previous project and
made a site where Harvard students could register a profile and connect with
each other. With the help of his friends and investors that ‘The Facebook’ was
launched. The user base grew at an exponentially fast rate, and within the next
year, it had spread and got mainstream attention in the United States.

grew into an online social media and social networking service. Facebook today
has over 2 billion users and 1.37 billion people on average log onto Facebook
daily and are considered daily active users. However, not everything has been
smooth sailing, both Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg has gotten in a lot of
controversy and criticism. Both have been sued numerous times, accused of
collecting huge amount of data from the users’, eavesdropping phones to target
appropriate ads, tax evasion and censoring information etc.


Zuckerberg has remained true to his initial vision, to create a website that
the entire world can use to communicate openly and easily with one another. He
has turned down opportunities to sell the site, often for multi-billion dollar
sums. He has even turned down chances to increase the sites income from ad
revenue, instead preferring to keep the user experience clean and pure. The result
is one of the world’s biggest online businesses, and an icon of the tech
renaissance that is occurred recently. Although its true value is debatable, it
is safe to say that Facebook, and its creator Mark Zuckerberg, are two of the
twenty-first century’s most influential, controversial, and potentially
powerful figures.


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