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Marine biodiversity refers to the ecosystem in the Earth’s seas and oceans. 70% of the world is covered by water which means there is an abundance of species living in oceans and seas. A major part of the world’s marine biodiversity is in Brazil, due to our large coastline, stretching more than 7,400km long. Oceans here are rich in species that live nowhere else in the world, making it important for us to protect it. Since there are more than 207.7 million people living in Brazil, there are a lot of waste that comes from the cities to oceans. Potential threats like oil residuals from big vessels and drilling can also have a direct impact on the biodiversity.  Brazil has already begun to enforce changes and laws in protecting our marine biodiversity. However, since 2013, we have been affected by inflation, rise of unemployment, and declining economy. And in the past few weeks, Brazil has cut down the environmental budget by half. We have already taken action in order to promote and protect Brazil’s marine biodiversity. We were the first South American countries to use a National Biodiversity Strategy. And through our Ministry of the Environment (MMA), Brazil has integrated recommendations from the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). In 2003, when the National Commission for Biodiversity (CONABIO) was created, they promoted the actions along with CBD. This includes the plan which establishes 20 goals, known as the Aichi Targets from 2011-2020, which was supported by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, IUCN, WWF, IPE, and the UK Department of the Environment. The Aichi Targets include goals such as according to the Convention of Biological Diversity, “By 2020 all fish and invertebrate stocks and aquatic plants are managed and harvested sustainably, legally and applying ecosystem based approaches, so that overfishing is avoided.” The MMA has also launched the National Biodiversity Award to encourage research of biodiversity projects.   In the future, Brazil would like to complete the 20 national goals by the Aichi Target. Implementing a section in education to educate others in protecting the marine biodiversity is an effective solution. Since protecting large areas of the ocean has been particularly successful in both United States and Australia, other nations such as Brazil should follow.


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