Many proposed some changes to civil rights act which

Many things and events have taken place in
history. Some of such events can be avoided and some are unavoidable. If, I ever
build a time machine that could go back in history there are some events that I
would be interested to witness. I would make some changes which would make a
world a better place. The events that happened in the past have negative and
positive significance in our modern world. Some of the negative happenings in
history would have been avoided if some changes would have been made. I would
go back to the 1860s during the time of the Civil war. In midst of all the
slavery, racism, sectionalism, I would meet all sorts of people and I would
like to tell them about their future and I would let them know that their
efforts didn’t go in vain. I would tell each of them about the new America
which he had always dreamt of.

most historical moments in American history that I would like to witness is the
civil rights movement period. In the 1960s, one of the most influential African
American Martin Luther King Jr. led massive protest across the U.S. as he
championed for rights of African-Americans. If I could go back to this time of
history, I would take part in the Washington march and listen to the greatest
speech in the history, “I have a dream…” Also, I would join civil right group
leaders to demand for rights of black people and other minority groups. I admire
the non-violent approach that Martin Luther employed and his determination to
lobby for constitutional change at a time when there was a lot of racial
segregation and police brutality.

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would have proposed some changes to civil rights act which was enacted into law
to make racism unlawful. This is because even though the civil rights act
guarantees African Americans equal rights and justice, many African- Americans
and minority groups are still victims of racism even today. I would let them
know that the minority groups, even today, are being treated unfairly by the
majority as well as government institutions such as the law enforcement. This
change would have guaranteed all Americans regardless of racial backgrounds
equal treatment.

conclusion, our modern world is shaped by the events that happened in the past.
I believe that if some few changes were introduced back then, our world could
have been a better place. Amendment of civil rights act to prohibit racism
would have enabled all U.S. citizens regardless of racial background to live in
harmony and treat each other as brothers and sisters. I believe if I could go
back in time, I would have introduced these changes.