Malik Aaron Mr. Marietta American Government September 27, 2017

Malik Aaron

Mr. Marietta

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American Government

September 27, 2017

Warming and Its Causes

            Within the recent decades, studies have shown that sea
levels are rising steadily at three millimeters per year. This is due to global
warming as ice caps in the artic are melting more and more with each passing
year. Global warming naturally occurs; however, temperatures are rising
exponentially. The daily emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and
CFC’s from coolants has caused the world’s temperatures to increase at an
extreme rate. These emissions only come from humans, so this is a man-made

            As humans, we are evolving into a highly advanced
species. In order to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyles, energy from fossil
fuels are used. Fossil fuels include gasoline, coal, and oil. Across the globe,
people use around 300 million tons of fossil fuels a year on average. This
equates to 7 billion tons of carbon, a greenhouse gas, being released. These
greenhouse gases allow the sun’s radiation to come through the earth’s
atmosphere where the gas then traps the heat. This is called the greenhouse
effect, and the trapped heat causes the rise in temperatures.

            Also as an advanced species, we emit CFC’s from coolants
used in refrigerators and aerosol repellents. CFC’s stands for
chlorofluorocarbons which are man-made, colorless gases. These gases destroy
the ozone layer in the atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s ultraviolent
radiation by absorbing it. A large hole in the ozone layer has formed spanning
across the continent of North Antarctica. As the ozone layer thins, the amount
of ultraviolent radiation from the sun reaching the earth’s surface will
increase causing the temperatures to skyrocket. The increased temperatures will
increase sea levels by around 100 inches in 2100 as the Arctic’s ice caps melt.
Also, organisms will begin to become extinct causing a domino effect, killing
those throughout the food web. Eventually earth will become so hot to the point
where life is no longer sustainable on the planet.

            At the rate the earth is heating up, there won’t be any
life on it. However, there are solutions we can take to stop global warming.
The main solution is to reduce fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions. This
can be done by using fuel efficient cars, renewable energy such as wind energy,
and carpooling transportation. Fuel efficient cars use less gas for more miles
which means less fossil fuels are used. Renewable energy uses sources that
don’t pollute the atmosphere with heat trapping gases. Also, the use of subways
and buses uses less fossil fuels as people aren’t in individual cars emitting
greenhouse gases. On a grand scale, governments can make solutions to global
warming by creating penalties and incentives for large companies that emit
large amounts of carbon dioxide. Penalties could include large fees for
emitting more carbon than the implemented limit, and incentives should be given
for using less than the limit of allowed carbon to be emitted. This will lower
the amounts of fossil fuel emissions by a large amount which will in turn
reverse global warming so sea levels will stop rising.

            Human emissions of heat trapping gases and CFC’s mainly
cause global warming. Global warming has caused many issues with the rising sea
levels, and increased amounts of catastrophic weather. There are solutions, but
we the people must make it a priority to stop global warming in order to save
our planet and reduce its harmful effects.