Macy’s to Macy’ app to make the purchase. They

is really starting to benefit from its technology use. They have a new mobile
tool that will allow users to use an app to get questions they have answered.
This is big because it can free up employees from having to answer simple
questions like “where is the restroom located?” or asking where an item is
located. This would benefit my business in many ways. For one it would help
free up my employees to do other things in the store. It would up the productivity
of our day to day operations. This can be huge if we are trying to keep our
wages of our employees down.

Technology Benefit

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            One of the
ways that Kohls uses big data and knowledge management is by using personalized
offers. When a customer is browsing for different items the system will then
send them a special offer on that item they were browsing. They also tend to
offer in-store offers to your phone once you enter the store. This should help
the consumer get more purchases when the customer is in store browsing around.
Customers tend to purchase more items when they have coupons and other offers.      

Technology Two Big data and knowledge

is one of the most well-known department stores right now. They are known for
selling clothes, bedding, appliances, and jewelry. They have created a huge
online presence with not only their online shopping, but being able to use to
Macy’ app to make the purchase. They have the ability to not only accept your
traditional payments like cash, and credit cards but they also accept things
like PayPal now. One of the biggest ways that they track their inventory is
thorough RFID tags. This improves inventory accuracy by 32% and decreases out of stock item
incidents by 50%. (McKevitt, 2016).

Technology One wireless, mobile computing, and
mobile commerce

two companies that operate in the same industry as ours is Kohls, and Macys.
This are both huge department stores that have brick-and-mortar, and online
stores. Both of the businesses use wireless, mobile computing, and mobile
commerce and big data and knowledge management. They use them in the following

Competitors and Technology

The biggest
requirement to technology is going to be the new website that needs to be
developed. The site will need to be able to list all the stores items by
categories. It will also need to be able to filter products by price, current
items in stock, size, and location. The major security factor is keeping all
the customers personal information safe. The last thing that the company needs
is a security breach to tarnish the brand. Creating an app for mobile devices
will also be something the company can look into. With an app you can include
special coupons that can only be accessed via the app. The last thing that we
need to make sure we have is within the new technology is a valuable reporting
tool. This is going to help management make informed decisions.

Technology Requirements

purpose of the project is to help expand the business. To do this we will need
to be able to allow the customers to make purchases online. We will need to
come up with a secure system for both customers and employees. This will help
keep the stores inventory, shipping, provide order status and online payment
processing, and customer contact for both online, and brick-and-mortar
locations. The results that we are looking for is a gain in customers for both
online and brick-and-mortar. It is important to implement this technology
because it will help the company grow. 
It will also help keep up with the customer demands.


Implementing the new technologies
within the company should help me acquire a wider customer base. The system
will have to be well secured for both the employees and our customers. This
should help the customers to access and purchase the products anywhere in the
world. The goal of the business is to promote growth with an online presence
and become more customer focused.



Technology 2: Big
data and knowledge management: Knowledge management is important as it
helps organizations manipulate important knowledge. (Rainer, 2016). Big Data is
data that is beyond the capabilities of the organization to store or analyze
for decision making. This can help lead to increased productivity, development,
and efficiency. The biggest thing that you need to make sure happens is that
you give your employees the proper training on big data usage.

Technology 1:
Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce: This consists of a couple
components. The first would be the wireless, or mobile device to conduct the
transactions. This can be done by a number of ways. Now a day you can use
anything from apps like PayPal, Square, and Clover Go. The second thing you
need is the ability to distribute information to facilitate the transactions.
This can be done by creating reward programs, text promotions, and e-mail
promotions. We would also need to be able to find the business on the web
easier. This can be done by creating an app for the store, or having targeted

Two Technologies



            The owner
wants to streamline the business to be able to include e-business with the
brick-and-mortar business. They are aware there will be some potential consumer
privacy and security concerns associated with the change. She also wants to
ensure the companies data is protected internally.  The last thing she wants to do is be
confident that the business’s suppliers and technology vendors do the same. The
technology solution that will be chosen will need to meet the following
requirements: integrating online shopping,
managing inventory and shipping, providing order status and online payment
processing, facilitating collaboration internally and externally (with staff
and customers), managing customer contacts, providing reporting, and being able
to use the new technology to manage the current brick-and-mortar processes
(sales, payments, inventory, and customer contact). The current physical
location does not have a reporting tool to help management make informed
decisions and struggles with managing customer information.

Problem Statement

             The ultimate goal of the business is to promote
growth with an online presence and become more customer-focused. I will be
helping the company grow by doing research on two technologies. I will compare
what our business competitors are doing, and how I can make it better for our
company. As of right now we have a basic website that you can see a list of
products, but you cannot purchase them online. You can only make purchases
in-store currently. This is a problem because our competitors currently offer
this, and it is making their businesses strive. Our goal in the future is to be
able to do both.