Lucky enough to be born into an era where

Lucky enough to be born into an era where science, technology, engineering and maths is thriving has led me to develop a curiosity to understand these elements which make up all organisms and systems around us, which eventually works together somehow. I hope to pursue a career which will allow me to be involves in this world of endless discoveries.  I have the passion in which I have gained (due too) the curiosity to broaden and to grasp the opportunity to further study the complexity of the human body, because im understanding this will mean (…) alongside the need to apply Biology based science to medical use, the reason behind in choosing to study Biomedical Sciences at University.Biology especially is a fascinating subject. Studying Biology at btec applied science level has really enhanced my understanding, by providing me with a insight into the subject, and also gaining knowledge in relevant aspects of Biomedical Sciences, such as Immunology and the Human Anatomy. It is intresting because because studying biomedical scince at your university will help have a better understanding         and also allowing me to gain the knowledge and skills to in the future be involved in research  so that this will help science and medicicne and lead to a better future A skill I have obtained by studying applied science is applying our knowledge to real life situations which has helped be rebuild the skills nessacry to pass my cource (add another thing learnt in course), which is a key skill necessary in the field of Biomedical Sciences  What I find fascinating is how our complex structures actually function. The survival of an organism depends largely on its ability to receive and respond to stimuli which I think is very similar in any life instants for example where you embark on a journey you need a stimuli and youll respondsome  medicines  I have learnt about are targeted at inhibiting specific sites in cell signalling pathways. Aspirin, for example, acts by blocking a specific lipid signalling pathway. I think its so fascinating that human invention that has derived from nature its self leads to the resolution of a disease or what else so its amazing what research leads too.Throughout the summer I participated in National Citizen Service. This gave me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal, team leadership and communication skills(have an understanding of what it means to work in a team for the same causehat will help amajority people that are in need which I believe it is similar to what it means to work and research science together which will lead to usefull resultion for the majority of the people . These skills were fully utilised when I successfully organised with the help of my team a charity sports event.Studying Biomedical Sciences at University, not only will enhance my understanding, will lead  me a career path, which will enable me to apply my knowledge of Biomedicine to the real world, by discovering ways to cure life-threatening diseases such as Cancer and HIV(and make discoveries for the science world) beause I want to help people and hopefully specilase so that I can use my knowledge in the new world where technology science and human intellingence is advanced . I realise that there will be many challenges on the way, but I feel I have the resilience and confidence to self-motivate myself to fight and succeed, and become a valuable member of the profession I truly aspire to.My hobbies are listening music and watching cinema I like th way how music can change ones mood and how movies can take you to another world both of these composed by humans who can antispate others ” others reactions and moods which they must have empathy . health sports healthy life style which leads to a healthy mind and mind relaxing stress relief In my extra time at college  I was a student ambassador gain confidence communicationg with people an interacting hering and bcoming a voice for the student I was responsible with helping . arranging activities which will motivate and some help solve insuse (ultimately…)