Louis of calls”. Horace then questions him on who

Louis CK has his own TV show on his website called “Horace
and Pete”. In this TV show Louis CK plays “Horace”, Steve Buscemi plays “Pete”,
and Alan Alda plays “Uncle Pete”. This is an absolutely hysterical show about
three older men dealing with living together, but I want to talk about one
scene in particular. There’s a scene where horses more down in the dumps and he
usually is and Uncle Pete notices his sad demeanor. Pete and uncle Pete decide
that the reason he so sad is that he hasn’t had sex in months, therefore Pete
guests that he gets a girlfriend, well uncle Pete says “Fu*k that, he needs to
get laid” and that he’ll “make a couple of calls”.  Horace then questions him on who he is going
to call and Uncle Pete tells him “Shin Lau, she lives close”. When Horace
questions him, Uncle Pete says “what, you don’t like Asian girls “Horace then
replies “well I’ve never been with one”. Uncle Pete then ends the same by
saying “You prejudice motherfu*ker, you’ve never fu*ked an Asian girl, what do
you think they’re for.” I chose the scene because it showcases very juvenile
type of humor that is very satirical of Asian culture. Criticize Asian women in
a very juvenile way, basically saying that they are only good for sex. This it
ties into our discussion of “yellow face “an Asian women being over sexualized
in today’s society. Asian actresses like Lucy Lu and Maggie q are used in
movies and TV shows a lot for their sex appeal not for their acting skill. This
ties into the scene by the way that they talk about this Asian woman, saying
that they are only good for sex and that’s it. This also has to do with the
superiority theory, because all three of these men believe that they are above
this woman. Theory of superiority has to do with laughing people who are
socially below you, that is exactly what they are doing in this scene.

One very funny scene from Louis CK special “chewed up”
what’s the scene called “on being white”. Louis CK talks about Wyatt so great
being white throughout all times in society. Start by saying “I’ve got a lot
going for me: I’m healthy, I’m relatively young, I’m white…which, thank God
for that sh*t, boy. That is a huge leg up. Are you kidding me? Oh, God, I love
being white. I really do. Seriously, if you’re not white, you’re missing out.
Because this shit is thoroughly good. Let me be clear, by the way. I’m not
saying that white people are better. I’m saying that being white is clearly
better. Here’s how great it is to be white: I can get in a time machine and go
to any time, and it would be fu*king awesome when I get there! That is
exclusively a white privilege. Black people can’t fu*k with time machines! A
black guy in a time machine’s like, “Hey, anything before 1980, no thank
you. I don’t want to go.”. Louis is mostly of European origin, with some
Mexican ancestry on his grandmother side, for the first five years of his life
he lived in Mexico City with his father and Spanish was his first language. He
then move to the US and learn English and a relatively young age. here is
saying that being white is clearly better than any other race because of how
other races were treated in the past, and they how they are treated now.
Throughout the history of this world, many people of European dissent have
benefited compared to any type of other ethnicity, and often at the expense of
them. For example, Native Americans are currently living on reservations in the
land that they have inhabited before Europeans did. African slaves were
considered 3/5 of a person in terms of US government during slavery. And during
World War II people of Japanese dissent were placed into internment camps
because of their nationality. To bring this point home he states” Who could
even argue? If it was an option, I would re-up every year. “Oh, yeah, I’ll
take ‘white’ again, absolutely. I’ve been enjoying that. I’m gonna stick with
white, thank you.”” In this part of the joke Louis CK uses the superiority
theory to tell the audience that white people are superior alternate every
other race when it comes to how we are treated. Unfortunately this. Can’t even
be argued because it is very true in our society today and throughout history.
it shouldn’t be true but often many white people have a leg up in society. It
especially shouldn’t be true saying how black and Asian people have gone
through so much in society yet still aren’t treated well. But Louis CK also has
a fix for this. “I can go to any time–in the past. I don’t want to go to the
future and find out what happens to white people because we’re gonna pay hard
for this shit, you got to know that. We’re not going to just fall from number
one to two. They’re gonna hold us down and fu*k us in the a*s forever. And we
totally deserve it. But for now, wheeeeeee!” Here Louis CK switches from the
superiority theory to the incongruity theory. He flip the situation on its head
and believes that, in the future, white people will fall from the totem pole.
He believes that we’re gonna fall so far that we are going to be the slaves of
the future. The incongruity theory is a theory where we laugh at things that
are the reverse of what we are expecting. “Now, if you’re white and you don’t
admit that it’s great, you’re an a*shole. It is great. And I’m a man. How many
advantages could one person have? I’m a white man.” in the section, Louis
states that he has the most advantages out of anyone in the world because he
has a white man. This brings out the mirthless laughter in everyone, because it
really makes you think of the hardships of other races and genders in this
world.  “You can’t even hurt my feelings!
What can you really call a white man that really digs deep? “Hey,
cracker.” “Uh. Ruined my day. Boy shouldn’t have called me a cracker.
Bringing me back to owning land and people, what a drag.” ” He ends the
bit with this line, playing on people’s expectations and finding comedy and
something that is not comical at all. I believe they’re sending has to do with
reactionary humor, the employees on racist tropes by showing that there really
are no ways to insult a white person. Well obviously this isn’t completely
true, there are a lot more ways to insult people of other races, with white
people being the least insulted. There’s a firms our places in society and uses
our common sense in order to laugh at something as outlandish is this.

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topic that I want to talk about is Louis CKs rape jokes. He has a few of them
and I think both of them are hysterical. The first one is as follows. it starts
with Louis CK going on a rant about how his friends ask him dumb questions like
what would he ever do with the Time Machine. After a bit of banter about why
the friends ask these questions and how it’s just so he can answer them
themselves, Louie states that his friend wanted to “go back in time and kill
Hitler”. On the other hand, Louie had a very different approach.  “I would’ve gone back with him but
I wouldn’t have killed Hitler. I would’ve raped him. That’s what I thought.
Because I think that would’ve been enough, I think that would’ve stopped
him from doing all that shit. If he had been raped by me, he never
would’ve pulled any of that stuff, man. “Should we invade Poland?” “No, I’ll
just take a shower, I don’t feel good.” – Low self- esteem, and, you know…”
This is juvinalian satire through and through, he is stating that World War II
would’ve been a very different place if Hitler had been raped earlier in his
life. This works mostly because it makes fun of someone unanimously hated by
the entire world. It is one of the only rape jokes that doesn’t get bad
attention to it for making fun of the victim. The joke does make fun of the
victim, but since the victim was Hitler it is widely accepted. There’s a second
part of the stroke Louis CK then states. “You should never rape anyone.
Unless you have a reason. Like you want to fu*k someone, and they won’t let
you. In which case what other option do you have. How else are you supposed to
have an orgasm in their body if you don’t rape them? Like what the fu*k?”
This works of humor in a few different ways, and elicits the better laugh from
his audience. But the audience and he know that rape is a horrible tragedy and
should not be taken lightly. The better laugh is laughing at something that is
not good or is very bad. It also has to do with the relief theory because of
jokes about our questionable acts and forbidden actions. To say that you should
never rape anyone and then to immediately follow up with saying unless you want
to have sex with them and they won’t let you is very unexpected and engages the
audience. Even though this is a horrible problem in our society, Louis makes a
joke about it while also not making light of the situation. His other joke
about rape elicit these same feelings. He starts the story out with the
seemingly normal encounter with a girl, set up starts is just an awkward
encounter with him and this girl making out and the girl not being into it. ” I
remember one night, I was with a girl, I was like 20 years old I was already
doing stand up and I did a show in Washington D.C and after the show one of the
waitresses came back to the hotel she was really cute. And we’re making out in
my hotel and she’s into it, she’s like humping me, so I start putting my hand
up her shirt and she stops me. So I’m like, “hm, okay.” So then we’re making
out more so I start putting my hand on her ass and she stops me, so after a
while she went home and nothing happened.” This Is a great set up to the joke
use it gives us a sense of who this girl is. He then runs into where the next
night at a nightclub and as a conversation with her where she explained that
she really did want have sex, but wanted him to “just go for it” then stating
that she likes when a guy gets frustrated and “hold her down”, it “has to feel
real and dangerous”. Distance and is Louis on his final round in the end of the
joke “I’m like, “What are you out of your fu*king mind? You think I’m just
gonna rape you on the off chance that hopefully you’re into that sh*t?” “What
kind of idiot… I’m getting kinda a rape-y vibe from this girl, I don’t know, I
suspect she might enjoy being raped, maybe that’s her thing. I don’t wanna ask
first and ruin it so I’m just gonna take a shot and rape her, what the hell,
what’s the worst that could happen after all?””. This is a fantastic into
the joke because it makes him the butt of the joke instead of the victim. The
reason that most rape jokes do not work very well for most people is that they
make the victim the butt of the joke, and even though people sympathize with
the victim, they don’t want to joke about them. When will he makes himself the
butt of the joke he doesn’t make light of the situation he makes light of the
thoughts in his head. This joke uses incongruity theory to get his point across
because it twists what we believe to be normal on its head. Instead of having a
joke about a man raping a woman or a woman raping a man, the joke is about a
woman wanting to be raped and the man not complying. The shocks the audience
and makes them laugh because it’s not what they expected to happen.