Lombok Senggigi Beach speaks to the organization’s first property

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenngara area, Indonesia.Lombok is situated inside the Indonesian archipelago, just toward the east of the well known occasion resort island of Bali. The shorelines of Lombok are by and large evaluated as being of better quality than those found on Bali. Lombok is having the ability to go about as an up-advertise contrasting option to Bali as a recreation based goal and have as needs be campaigned the advancement of 4 and 5 star resort properties on the island’s west and south drifts (Boniface and Cooper, 2001). A large number of the guests to Lombok promotion a great part of the islands merchandise run over the Lombok via ocean or air joins from Bali. It is just about 40 kilometers isolate the two islands. Lombok holds the charm of an undeveloped and common habitat. MHR’s new Lombok property which is to be situated on the west shoreline of Lombok, in a territory known as Senggigi Beach speaks to the organization’s first property in South East Asia. Strenghts Weaknesses -Biggest lodging/resort property in the Senggigi Beach zone – Highly facilities and high standard room- Operation in subrban areas  – Near the airport (eight flights daily being available)- MHR has a playground for children.- Serve different target custumer with various social bacgrounds or from various areas- Natural and cultural diversity- Supporting from government   -Need a lot of money to invest- Huge expense for advertising and promotional budget about $2.5 million)- Nearly Bali ( the visitor may choose Bali Island instead of Lombok Island )- Not enough staff ( about 4 staff currently ) Opportunities Threats – Rising income ( reaching about 10,000 booking with an estimated length of stay and 35000 nights booking in the first year)-Digitalization and better use of technoligy ( hifi sysrem with MP3 and I-pod )-Create the positive image about the resort and high leval awareness of the hotel -Increasing competition ( there are about twenty other hotel reosrt in the Senggigi beach)  )-Economic problems – Competition on room price    IIII. Identification of Target MarketsA target market is a group of consumers or organizations most likely to buy a company’s products or services (Shopify, n.d.).MHR  is targeting the market of international member from within the South Pacific region, such as; New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Fiji, and Vanuatu. The price is reasonable for all people to form low to high hierarchies for the customer to book. Moreover, the promotion through the loyalty will make the customer keep in touch with MRH when they sign up the loyalty member.Basically, the characteristics of the MRH target are :  SegmentationCharacteristicImpactDemographicAgeChildren (6-12)Teenagers (13-19)Adult (above 20)  GenderNo specific gender ReligionNot religion IncomeApproximately $3000 per month.Geographiclocation40km to Balitravel by plane CountryIndonesiaFigure 1: Segmentation variables of MHR