Logan’s Anderson’s parents were the actors Lawrence Anderson (1893-1939)

Logan’s Run is a 1976 American science fiction film, directed by Michael Anderson. If we need to talk briefly about Michael Anderson’s life , He was born on January 30, 1920 in England. He was born to a theatrical family. Michael Anderson’s parents were the actors Lawrence Anderson (1893-1939) and Beatrice Anderson (1893-1977). His great-aunt was Mary Anderson, who became one of the first American Shakespearian actresses. The Mary Anderson and Theatre was dedicated to her.
Firstly, Michael Anderson was a production runner in 1936 and he was an assistant director by 1938. Michael Anderson appeared in two films as an actor;
5- Jeannie in 1941.
Michael Anderson is a English film director and best known for directing the Second World War film The Dam Busters (1955), the epic Around the World in 80 Days (1956) and the dystopian sci-fi film Logan’s Run (1976).
Other general information about Logan’s Run and team members;
• Script was written by David Zelag Goodman and George Clayton Johnson.
• Producer is Saul David.
• Soundtrack was made by Jerry Goldsmith.
• Cinematographer is Ernest Laszlo.
• Cast are Michael York (Logan), Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter,
Roscoe Lee Browne, Peter Ustinov, Farrah Fawcett.
• Film’s duration is one hundred nineteen.
• Film’s genres are action and science fiction.
• Film’s feature is metrocolor.
• The film was made in America in 1976.
Michael York is one of the biggest actresses in the film. If we need to talk about Michael York’s life, Michael York was born on March 27, 1942. He’s 75 years old now. He was educated at Bromley Grammar School for Boys, Hurstpierpoint College and University College, Oxford. Michael York is an English actor and he began his career in a 1956. Michael York joined a of National Youth Theatre. He has starred in 78 films and has starred in many serials.
Jenny Agutter is one of the biggest actresses in the film. Jenny Agutter was born on December 20, 1952 Taunton, Somerset, England. Jenny Agutter began her career as a child actress in 1964. She began her career as a child actor in the BBC television series in the 1960s. In 1971, she started his career as an adult during the age of 16, playing in the movie The Walkabout. She stayed in Hollywood for a long time in the 1970s, starring roles in An American Werewolf in London, Logan’s Run, Child’s Play 2, and Equus. She is still living in the Camberwell neighborhood in the south of London.
Main characters in Logan’s Run
In the story of Logan’s run film, in the post-apocalyptic world of year 2274, mankind is living in a geodesic dome. When we look inside the dome, humanity lives in technology and in geodesic dome is a place where there are strict rules. These rules affect people’s entire lifestyle and the rules start from childhood. From the birth of these people there are diamonds in their palms. Under this geodesic dome, humanity is divided according to age groups. Each color symbolizes an age group. These colors are red, green, yellow and pink. Each individual has to make a decision at the end of age 30. They either choose to be a runner and get exterminated when they get cought or they choose to be terminated in a quasi-religious ceremony known as Carousel that will put an end to their life in the name of renewal, in front of the audience. Although the numbers are few, those who do not want to die will become runners when they reach the age of 30 and will be terminated by the sandman. One night Logan meets a beautiful woman Jessica (Jenny Agutter), she makes Logan question the system, it is the beginning for them to escape to the outside world. Logan and Jessica have been able to escape even if it is difficult and they are beginning to discover what they have not seen yet. (How an old person will look, sun’s heater characteristic, feel the cold etc.)
Such fantasy films are intervened in a way to take a stand against these collective developments, already being portrayed as ‘negative’ developments that will be caused by those who have been or are living in a particular moment or process.
There are important points and ideology of the film. The director reflects the things attributed to negativity according to the concept sets of the conservative ideology of the city as represented. The fact that the family institution is out of the way, the sensation has been destroyed by rationalism, the individual differences have been restricted and the collectivistic side has been brought forward. People living in the geodesic dome lack concepts such as freedom, love, family, warmth and coldness but Logan and Jessica are questioning the rules brought by the places they live so they are getting their freedom and work to save other people.
There are very strict rules in the utopian social structure, and in the utopian world everyone has to comply with these rules. In the utopian social structure, is far from the concept of family, according to the crystal in their palms, even the colors of their everyday clothes they are classified. No one knows who their mother or father is. People do not know the concept of questioning because of the rules. (With these rules, class distinctions emerge between people.)
(Technological room that supervises the rules.)
In the utopian social structure, technology is very important for utopian world.
• All rules are transmitted to people through technology.
• All means of transport work through technology.
• There are no natural light sources and artificial light is spreading to all areas thanks to technology.
• The weather is also controlled by technology.