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List 10 words in the first several lines of the letter that set a positive tone for the letter.Gentle, modest, understand, throughout, chosen, spontaneous, growth, action, benefit, and life  What is the purpose of listing the examples of the author’s service to the British Empire? He needed to indicate that he was so committed to the english empire regardless of what they may foul up.List at least three examples of the British government’s impact on India.                     War conference of Delhi, Zulu revon ambulance was raised, and campaign in Kuira District.What does Gandhi suggest as the reason why the British should respect non-cooperation efforts?         He wants people to “repent the wrongs” that british did to the indians and fix their ideas about Sir Michael O’Dwyer and General Dyer to help the people. What action is Gandhi asking the Englishmen to take in the closing section of the letter?    He wants everyone to be better to each other and find a common ground due to their disloyalty to the the country.Short essay questions: Answer questions 6 and 7 in paragraphs of at least eight to 10 complete sentences, with supporting evidence from the text. Each response is worth 25 points.Explain how Gandhi’s non-cooperation concept is supported by the diction of his open letter to the Englishmen in India.Gandhi’s non-participation idea in his open letter to the Englishmen in India is bolstered when he utilizes a substantial vocabulary to depict the fortitude towards the non-collaboration. He unmistakably states in his letter “Non-cooperation means nothing less than training in self-sacrifice.” This implies his solid view towards his idea. His style decisions are powerful words, for example, “enslaved” and “increasing degree”. With his phrasing decisions he demonstrates how firmly he has confidence in his idea. In addition to the fact that it is vital it demonstrates how quiet and intense he can be.Explain how Gandhi’s non-cooperation concept is supported by the format and examples of his open letter to the Englishmen in India.                                                 He began his letter out by saying “Let me introduce myself with you,” to the Englishman. The non-participation idea is upheld by this. He quickly tries to express what is on his mind before he proceeds on. He does this so he doesn’t squander his opportunity when he converses with the englishman. He gave cases, for example, “working of every department” to overlook india’s welfare. In the event that he specified their blame then he could discuss the positive things he needs to do. The entire time Ghandi ensures he talks with control. He needs to ensure everybody comprehends his supposition and concurs with it.