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Like many other teenagers, I enjoy attending music festivals and concerts. However unlike those other teenagers I am intrigued by the planning and organising which goes into these kinds of events. Not just the running of the day itself but the preparation which goes into these type of events.Currently I am employed in a hotel as a waitress in the Conference and Banqueting department. During my time working here I have been able to work alongside the hotel’s events team, more specifically the wedding coordinators and I have seen how much planning goes into events such as weddings. It amazed me that all the small details can really have an effect on the operating of the day. The wedding coordinators ensure that the day runs smoothly by organising and planning out each and every detail. The wedding coordinators obviously have a huge responsibility as they are responsible for the smooth running of someone’s important day. This is the same for any kind of events management whether it is a music event, a wedding or the running of a hotel or restaurant, it is a huge responsibility.Someone who is involved in events management should be communicative and approachable as the events industry, I believe, is oriented entirely around people and bringing them together whether it be at a music festival, sporting event or any other public event. I believe with my personal traits that I am suited to a career in this industry. I believe that I am caring, outgoing and responsible. Through my extracurricular activities such as dancing, I have had the opportunity to dance and perform for many charities. Recently other dancers from my studio and I performed at an elderly care home to try and bring some joy into what could be a very lonely life for some of the elderly. Dancing has always been a huge part of my life, whether it be attending lessons or competitions, I have always been committed to my team. I did not just learn how to dance at these lessons, I learned how to work and be a part of a team. Being able to work in a team is just as important as being able to work individually which I am also capable of doing. During my last year of school I was trusted as a Prefect. As a Prefect I had many responsibilities, my duties included ensuring younger students were behaving and treating others with respect. Ensuring the wellbeing of younger students was also one of my duties as a Anti-Bullying mentor. Younger students could could come along to one of our drop-in sessions and discuss their situation with myself or the other mentors. As a mentor it was my responsibility to then pass the student’s situation on to a member of the school’s pastoral care team. Within school I also involved myself in citizenship, I volunteered around the school and helped where I was needed. An example of this was when I was trusted to guide primary 7 pupils and newly transitioned S1s around the school. The aim of this was to make their transition into secondary school easier. This shows I am dependable and considerate.In the future I hope the traits I possess will help me excel in my future studies and hopefully my future career. The traits and skills I have developed through my schooling and extracurricular activities such as my level of commitment and the fact I took part in the Focus West Top Up Programme will hopefully help me transition into university life.