LifeBorn Department of Botany and continued to do work

LifeBorn on February 1st, 1895 in Herman NebraskaShe became deaf when she contracted scarlet fever at the age of 10She started slowly losing her hearing until later at 14 she turned fully deafTo communicate with others she used her speech that she kept all throughout childhood and into adulthood She mostly used her ability to read lips to know what people are sayingLater she married Frederick H. Hughes in 1923They both lived on Gallaudet’s campus for 30 yearsHughes’s husband was the deaf, renowned economics professor, and the football coachHe later died in 1956 because of a heart attackRegina Olson Hughes died on August 12th, 1993 because of a heart attack at the age of 98. She worked until she died and was a symbol for the deaf communityEducation / SchoolShe enrolled at Gallaudet She said in 1918 “deaf people were looked down upon” and “were treated like children”During her time at school, she was a writer and submitted her poems to the school’s newspaperShe contributed many poems to the school’s newspaper She later received a bachelor in the arts in 1918 and a masters degree in 1920.  Government work After graduation from Gallaudet, she worked at the Veterans Administrations office In 1930 she started working at the US Department of AgricultureShe worked as a research clerk then a scientific illustrator and translator She was a very well placed artist during her years of service She used her fluency in 4 languages which were French, Spanish, Portuguese and ItalianShe used the languages to become a translator for the state’s departmentShe became a scientific illustrator of botany for the Agricultural Research Service in 1936In 1969 she retired from the USDA but then transferred to the Smithsonian Institution and worked there until she diedOther Besides working at Smithsonian until 1990 she also taught at the Mississippi school for the deaf She also did paintings of orchids and bromeliads for the Curator in the Smithsonian Department of Botany and continued to do work for the Department of Botany Her paintings were mostly of flowers that she sketched while she traveled throughout the world After she died, the Smithsonian Institution honored her by naming a new species of Bromeliad(plant) they called it the “Billbergia Reginae” for Regina Olson Hughes Plants were her favorite. She loved her home and the weeds and all the plants and the flowersShe was also inspired by art when she was a child. Her parents provided art lessons for her. Plants and flowers were her favorites to drawIllustrations She was focused on plants and botanical In her paintings, she used watercolors and oils and gouache and pencils to create themShe was known for her precise and accurate and beautiful depictions of plants