Life of thieves and drug dealers. So he learned

Life studies on Gucci Mane Christian ElfahamMs.Smith English 12  Gucci Mane is a very well known music artist, and has a great story following him. I decided to do my life studies paper on Gucci Mane because I felt he’s a great guy and has a great story to learn about. He has made himself a cultural icon because his music reaches out to millions of fans and supporters. In this essay you will learn about the challenging obstacles that Gucci Mane had to overcome and how he turned his situation around to be as successful as he is today. One big challenge in Gucci Mane’s life started when he was decently young. Gucci’s family was not a great set of role models. Gucci was born into a family of thieves and drug dealers. So he learned to be in the streets selling drugs and hanging out with shooters. In the autobiography he can be quoted in saying “I never had no positive male role models growing up so to me, these were the coolest guys I knew. My brother would never go full in the streets like me, but back then he was selling a little bit of weed.” From this quote we can learn that since he never had a proper role model when he was young, he never knew that being around these people was a bad thing in general. It also shows you that even his brother got shuffled into doing the wrong thing from lack of knowledge of right from wrong. So without the proper role models in his life to guide him down the correct path, he found himself on the street selling drugs and being around the wrong people. This is just the beginning of some of the struggles that Gucci Mane faced, and I personally believe this is one of the main causes for many of his wrong actions. Another big struggle in his life was having to overcome a murder trial. Back in 2005 Gucci Mane was talking to a worker at a club trying to get her to tell the dj to play a few of his new songs, soon after she invited him to her house where he was set up and was forced to kill someone. Or in his own words “So I knew her too and I wanted to see if she could get the DJ’s at Blaze to play “Round 1″ and some other new songs I had. So me and my friend went over there. We weren’t at Blaze long before she and her friend invited us back to her place, a house located on a dead-end street in Decatur named Springside Run. And that’s where it happened”. So after people ran into the house trying to kill him, he was forced to kill one of the people in self defense. So now Gucci was left in a situation where he is on a high in record sales and now could be facing jail time for a murder. He says “Jacob told me. “There’s a murder warrant out for your arrest”. There’s no good time to find out you’re wanted for murder, but learning like that, right there on set of Rap City, f**ked me up. There it was, right on TV for everyone at BET to see”. So at this point Gucci was forced to decide what to do, he could either hide or turn himself in. He decided to go from New York to Atlanta as fast as he could to turn himself in to the police to avoid further problem. He overcame this struggle in his life after months of proving he did it in self defense. He was on one of the highest points in his life and this case brought him to one of his lowest mental states recorded.   Lastly, but certainly not the least of his struggles was how his big fear put him into a huge drug addiction. As Gucci says “My mind was unraveling, no doubt about it, but it really was in the same studio my friend got killed in. I’d experienced people with guns looking to kill me before. I was legally confined to this building, which was in a neighborhood were I’d accumulate a lot of enemies over the past twenty years. That sh*t was real. I couldn’t sleep. So I drank more lean and smoked more weed. My intake was beyond anything before and my addiction had become unsustainably expensive”. This shows you how much your mental state could mess up your whole life, in this case Gucci relied on illegal drugs to cure his anxiety and help him stay somewhat stable. But his drug addiction had gotten so bad it was not only dangerous for his body, it was extremely expensive. At its peak addiction he was spending well over a thousand a day on illegal drugs.  His anxiety and addiction messed that period in his life up so bad that all the people that used to be in the studio making music with him were leaving one by one. He overcame this when he had a final blow up and ended up on suicide watch, where he went through withdrawal and had time to think about what he has done. Here he decided to turn his life around and clean himself up. For the most part he is now drug free, and does not suffer from these anxiety swings anymore. So as you can see, Gucci Mane’s life has been anything but perfect however, the way he handled the struggles in his life is astonishing. Not many people who go through similar situations have anywhere near the same outcome as him. If he did not experience these struggles in his life then he most likely would not be anywhere near who he is today!