Lieu in College Pricing 2017-2018, the average annual cost

Lieu Truong

Professor John Kear

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English 235

22 January 2018

Project 3: Career-Focused Research Essay

            To introverts who are interested in
business and desire to spend
time listening, reflecting deeply on meaning, and building fewer, deeper
relationships, marketing manager is a considerable career.

Marketing managers with a degree can persuade that they are
well-prepared and will achieve
a position of leadership in career. According to the article “Marketing Degrees and Programs:
What You’ll Study” from the website, most careers in marketing will require at least a bachelor’s degree
in marketing or business administration, which prepare the prospect of the relationship
between agencies and their customers, as well as trends within the field. Also,
the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master’s Degree Programs are
valuable instruments to pursue marketing leadership positions across any number
of business industries.

As stated in the same article, the costs of those degrees
depend on the students’ type
of institution. According
to College Board’s Trends in College Pricing 2017-2018, the average annual cost
for a four-year, public institution runs around $9,970 for in-state tuition and
$25,620 for out-of-state tuition. The average annual cost for a four-year
private non-profit school is $34,740 and $16,000 for a private for-profit

Along with the students’
endeavor and high cost for education, the income they receive is relevant with
what they have to spend on this career journey, as the website U.S.News denotes the marketing manager
position is in the top 13 of best paying jobs. Stating by this website in the
article “What Is a Marketing Manager?” 
in 2016, marketing managers made a median salary of $81,180. On the low
end, they earned $56,490, while the high-paid made $108,000 or more. However,
website Glassdoor analyzes that an entry-level employee of 0 to 3-year
experiences earns an average salary of $61,369 to $64,554, and the incomes of
mid-career employees can reach the number of $89,000.

Job opportunity of this position is quite open. According
to the estimation of website U.S.News,
in 2016, this career owns the number of 136,000 jobs in the marketing industry.
Also, in the next 10 years, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
projects a faster than average growth rate
of 9 percent for marketing managers,
which will translate to an additional 19,700 jobs during that time frame. The
strong growth rate indicates the thrive of the marketing industry, particularly
for candidates who understand the latest digital trends, which is a brand new
but potential branch of marketing.

companies in this industry are huge motivation for candidates to try their best
to undertake their jobs. Ranked by the website, the list of most famous marketing companies with largest
and most profitable marketing businesses, corporations, agencies includes 23red (a Marketing and Advertising Agency),
2waytraffic (Marketing, Web
Development and Television), Acosta Sales
and Marketing, Ad.WRIGHT Communications Pte Ltd (Software development, Marketing, Web 2.0) and Air Aroma in the top 5 in the industry.

At the starting
point of one’s dream career, there are various entry-level positions for an
employee to perform. According to the website, those positions range from salespeople to call center representatives,
administrative assistants, assistant buyers, retail specialists, data analysts.
Additionally, in term of career trajectory, the website draws a prospect that “Marketing managers who go above
and beyond have the potential to be promoted to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
or Vice President (VP) of Marketing. These senior positions focus on the big
picture and overall company marketing strategy, instead of the daily
involvement managing different channels.”

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