Leadership team-mates upon our project submission,I observed and established

Leadership may be a simple term
to describe but can be difficult to implement in real-life
situations;Individuals with leadership qualities can be found anywhere
including at school, among family members, friends, etc.However, to be a great
leader, one needs to obtain some powerful leadership qualities,which I have
become accustomed to through experience.After having experienced last-minute
arguments between team-mates upon our project submission,I observed and
established what it meant to be a leader.Having been left stranded with the
project all for myself,I understood that as a leader I had to take control and
keep my team unblemished.


 To begin with, leaders require more skills
than just communication;They need to spread optimism across individuals and
always stay-open minded for last minute modifications,which I do seem to have acquired.
As previously stated, when my team-mates were having arguments and were
quitting from the team upon the submission of our project for the Technobizad
competition-A competition based upon the creation of innovative gadgets in the
field of science-,I had assured every single member in our team, that we would
do our best to succeed and would not withdraw from all the hard work we had
placed on this project.It was at this moment that I had taken matters into my
own hands and realized how confident and disciplined I was amid last-minute
troubles. Moreover, much to everyone’s surprise,our team had placed 3rd out of
26 competitors,promoting us to the final round of the competition.

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addition to the Technobizad competition,I had amassed other leadership

in other categories.Some of which include: Being the captain of my Spanish
Soccer School Team,Leader of my Astronomy Club group, Director of the upcoming
school’s STEAM Carnival, etc.-with these being a few of many leadership tasks
that I had acquired.


are quite a few characteristics that produce a good leader.However, a successful
leader should exhibit unique characteristics like having optimism shared across
his team and always staying open-minded.Hence why, I hope to bring these
lucrative leadership qualities to UC Universities and develop into a successful
leader,just how I envision myself of being on any UC campus.