Leaders who later went to become the most respected

are those who influence others towards achieving some common task or some common
goal. They care for others and always want to help those in need. After going
through the biography some historical figures, it can be said that leaders are
created not born. The following is about Vladimir Putin who was born into a
middle class family and rose to power to become the president of Russia.

On 7 Oct 1952 a boy was born to Maria and Vladimir, who
later went to become the most respected person of Russia. Before that he joined
KGB the special intelligence agency to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a
spy. He was in KGB for 16 years and retired as the lieutenant of the special
force. He then moved to Moscow to pursue his dreams of helping the nation by
becoming the President. There he was under President Yelstin’s administration
and quickly learned the ways and rose to power and in year 1999 he fulfilled his
dream and became the president.

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Putin said that he will reshape the government and will
investigate into the business dealing of rich Russian citizens to maintain the
stability of the economy of the country. In his biography he showed or portrayed
his love for the country by refusing to read a book written by traitor and
said, “I refuse to read a book by someone who has betrayed their own homeland”.

In Sep 2011, in response to the attacks (terrorist attack)
on US, he announced Russia’s full support for US citizens in its anti-terror

During his presidency no one ever had complaints of his bold
political decisions. In the year 2014 he was even nominated for the Nobel Peace
Prize for his continuous efforts in finding a solution through non military
means to punish the Syrian govt. for using weapons (chemical). He further stated
the US claim of Baher Assad the then suspect of usage of weapons on civilians
with the explanation of the unauthorized use of these weapons was from the
rebel forces. He afterwards held a conference to welcome the ‘open dialogue’ of
the affected countries in order to maintain peace and avoid any further

In Oct 2017, he was involved in alarming the aerial warfare
which he saw in the late night drill that resulted in launch of 4 missiles
across the entire country. This was during the tension rising between US and
North Korea.

In Dec 2017 he ordered the soldiers who were stationed in Syria
to come back to their homeland. He had ordered the soldiers there to destroy
the ISIS terrorist group. But he left openly saying that the possibility of
their return if violence was to be continued.