Layering Layering with Cardigans: Another great layering element is


Layering – Layering is a way of dressing using several pieces that are worn on top of each other. Whether its summer or winter or any other season, layering can definitely create a different look altogether. I am a slim person and I love layering as it helps me to feel more comfortable and cool.

Summers: Whether slim or curvy, nobody wants to feel sweaty in the name of fashion. Summer season is all about lightweight and minimal clothing. While it sounds crazy to layer in summers, it can give your body some definition if you are slim. Just learn to play with lighter layers! The most important thing is to choose the right fabrics and pieces.

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1.       Layering with shirts:

Plaid shirts (light material + cotton): These are great to style with. It is so versatile and you can use it with other clothing items in so many different ways to enhance your look. Just wear a tank top or crop top and layer it with a shirt. And just keep the buttons open.


2.       Denim shirts: I guess all the girls have atleast one denim shirt in her wardrobe. Try to style it as a layer over a light tee. It will give a fabulous look. 



3.       Layering with Cardigans: Another great layering element is Cardigan. You can wear tank tops, crop top and put a cardigan over it and you are good to go. Short cardigans don’t look that great on a slim person than a long cardigan. Therefore, it is advisable to buy long cardigans.


4.       Kimono: Kimonos are the best. Layer it with anything, cropped tees, tank tops, crop tops, bandeau, etc. it will give a great structure to your outfit.


5.       Dungarees: If you are slim then dungarees are the most stylish way to style yourself. It looks best on a thin person. Try it yourself! Wear it over a tee.



6.       Shorteralls: They are same as dungarees. The only difference is that they are kind of shorts.


7.       Scarf: Again a best a way to style since it is light and you do not have think a lot about how to style it. You can try it by styling it in a different ways. Check out How to style a scarf in different ways.



8.       Blazers: This is a way to look smart and formal. One should have to have a blazer. And for thin girls this a good way to look smart. Blazers + slim body is a great combination. Black blazer is my favourite. What is yours?


9.       Sheer over Opaque: In summers it becomes difficult to layer you outfit because as obvious its SUMMERS and you do not want to sweat like hell. So, here comes an option of sheer over opaque. First I thought how it will be an option for a slim person. Why a thin person will even think to try it if she does not want to look skinny? Then I tried it myself and believe it or not it looked fabulous. Now I am a fan of this style. And I want you all as well to give it a try.



10.   Tees under slip dress: You do not want your sharp collar bone to show up and want to look stylish then this style is the best. It is really a great way to carry a slip dress.


11.   Vests:


Winters: Layering in winters becomes really ease. But what is essential is it should be comfortable and should not be over the top.

1.       Plaid shirts (thick material):

2.       Hoddie under a jacket:

3.       Dungarees:

4.       Scarfs:

5.       Cardigans (long and short):

6.       Blazers:

7.       Coats:


Tuck-in: For a slim person it becomes difficult give their outfit a shape. They don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. To solve this, you just tuck in. Whether you are wearing a tee or a shirt, try to tuck it in.