Law issues that are currently concerning the world. Englishdramatically

Law has been one of the most significant, interesting and necessary areas of life throughoutthe ages – keeping order, building civilisations and at times, causing chaos. The subjectfascinates me as it brings together moral, philosophical and social issues into an analyticalform in order to reach a conclusion but, of course, there is no textbook conclusion when itcomes to law. A studious attitude and a desire to learn has always been a part of my life and I believe thatmy current academic studies and skills on the Access course suit me well. The combination ofsubjects is allowing me to develop skills of analysing, arguing and evaluating which will beuseful when studying Law at degree level. Studying Politics has enabled me to gain an insightinto beliefs central to understanding of the modern world. It has also enabled me to engage inthe process of dialogue and debate on issues that are currently concerning the world. Englishdramatically sharpened my analytical skills, allowing me to gain an appreciation of classicworks, while the study of History prepared me in extracting information efficiently andevaluating sources critically. The course has helped me shape my personal style of writing aswell as helping me further my essay writing skills, referencing and research skills. Attending my local Crown Court gave me a chance to observe some fascinating cases, whichhelped me discover the workings of English legal system and how the court works. I learnt howto differentiate between the practice and the study of law which made me conclude that lawgoverns every aspect of our life from agreements to disputes or relationships to sexuality. Asan avid reader, I have been engulfed by books, such as, Letters to a Law Student (McBride,2007) and What about Law? (Barnard,2011). I currently subscribe to The Economist and checkLegalweek as well as other daily news sites. My enthusiasm for a career in law was reinforcedby an opportunity of work experience with a local firm of solicitors. Through assisting withresearch and talking to lawyers, I was able to see how the solicitors dealt with various caseswhich enabled me to discover the commitment they have for their work. My interests are widespread. I have developed organisation, communication, interpersonal andlistening skills through volunteering with various organisations, ranging from healthcare topolicing as well as being a private tutor. As a strong minded individual, I like to voice myviews on important issues affecting my local community. Through volunteering with HampshireYouth Commission and working with the Hampshire Constabulary, I have helped make young peoplepart of the solution to tackling crime and improving policing. Alternating between workingindependently and working as a part of a group, I have been in charge of organising meetingsand conferences in the subject of tackling hate crime as well as raising awareness withinschools and colleges on how to report it. At these meetings and conferences, I learnt how topresent my ideas in front of a large audience, and managed to prepare cogent speeches whichvastly improved my confidence. My volunteering in the criminal justice sector has beenfurthered by serving in the Community Court where I have acted as an Advocate for young peoplewho find themselves in trouble with the law. This unique opportunity has enabled me to learnwhy people commit crime as well as improving my ability as a communicator. I recently becameinterested in volunteering within a Strategic Independent Advisory Group which reviews andchallenges policing issues such as ways in which major investigations are handled. I believeit will further my knowledge in how the current criminal justice system works and the ways inwhich it can be improved. I look forward to the challenge of studying law and believe that Ihave the required skill set to make a positive contribution to university life.