Lastly, this. The human resource planning consists of attracting,

Lastly, evaluation is needed to study the degree of success of the strategy by using performance management. For instance, in Catapult, each team have their own KPI that they need to achieve monthly. A comparison can be made to observe the difference in the result from before and after the strategy implementation. At this point, if the results are positive, this proves that Sarah’s suggestion of outsourcing operations should be denied. Catapult is a company that operates 100% in New Zealand. If Catapult decides to continue operating only in New Zealand, this will act as a future advertising prospect, as they are able to claim that their company is 100% local. Catapults exclusive operation in New Zealand can be established as a core competency for the competitive advantage. In addition, Sarah will not have to worry about different cultures in a workplace or any legal issues due to operating in different countries.

All businesses aim to produce a quality workforce, and the human resource planning exists to help achieve this. The human resource planning consists of attracting, developing, and engaging employees. In every business, whether it is a major corporation or a small enterprise, human resource (HR) plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the business. While the purpose of HR is to ascertain that employees are performing their task accordingly, it is also their purpose to take care of the employees well being. This is because employee and work productivity are interrelated. When the needs of employees are realised, they will be motivated to work more productively. In order to encourage worker productivity, the first step is to increase employees’ engagement (Albright, 2007).  A recent study by Mann & Harter (2016) states less than 15% of workers worldwide are engaged in their work. Creating an environment to encourage employee engagement and work productivity requires managers and leaders of businesses to examine in detail the human resource strategic planning.

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The Sales Team in Catapult has low employee engagement due to lack of motivation. Barbara Thompson, the Sales Manager is biased among her team members. Her approach to always complimenting the Fab Four during the monthly meetings is causing other members to feel demotivated because they are unable to be as good as the Fab Four. Employee demotivation has caused the productivity and work engagement to drop.

It is suggested that Sarah Westerly apply Herzberg’s two-factor theory to increase employee satisfaction in Catapult. Herzberg’s theory states that motivators can increase satisfaction while hygiene factors can prevent dissatisfaction (Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory”, n.d.). For example, Sarah should promote growth opportunities for the employees by providing adequate training to ensure that all employees have appropriate skills. Moreover, empowering employees by giving ownership in their work. If they are able to accomplish their task successfully, it is important that the employees’ work is recognised, so that they are more motivated to do their work properly.