Language these strategies are extensively studied in L1 literature,

Language testing research has recently
witnessed an increased interest in test-wiseness strategies and test-taking
strategies which are used by test-takers in responding to tasks. Although these
strategies are extensively studied in L1 literature, they are noticeably
neglected in ELL testing literature. The following will be discussed: a) highlight
the difference between test-wiseness strategies and test-taking strategies, b)
discuss taxonomies of test-wiseness and test-taking strategies in the general
educational literature and language testing literature, c) highlight the
pedagogic significance of test-wiseness, d) review related EFL/ESL literature,
and e) bring out the importance of test-wiseness and test-taking strategies to
EFL/ESL teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum designers.aP1 


With the popularization of computer and
communication technologies, researchers have attempted to develop
computer-assisted testing and diagnostic systems to help students improve their
learning performance on the internet. In developing a diagnostic system for
detecting students’ learning problems, it is difficult for individual teachers
to address the exact relationships between the test items and the concepts. To
cope with this problem, this research paper proposes an innovative approach to
eliciting and integrating the weightings of test item-concept relationships
from multiple experts. Based on the proposed approach, a testing and diagnostic
system was implemented.

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Also, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the
performance of this approach. aP2 By analyzing the results from four groups
of students using learning suggestions provided by different models, the
researchers found that the learning performance of the students who received
learning suggestions by applying the innovative approach improved significantly
than for those who received guidance based on the original model.

 aP1Which section discusses the stated concepts?

 aP2Provide the details of this experiment.