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Kyle WootenEverybody in the world has a story, but so does every country. The United States has many different stories that have changed throughout the years of its existence. The most important story of America is the story of resilience. No other nation has overcome as many challenges as the United States has. Including things such as the reconstruction process of the Civil War, the regrowth of the economy during and after World War 1, and the struggles and hardships during the Great Depression. When the civil war ended, everyone wondered how we would go about bringing the nation back to the nation that it was before the civil war. We had to find a way to overcome the discrimination of blacks and former confederate men. America put a hold on the rights of the confederate leaders to vote which also caused turmoil. We started to make a change when the civil rights act was passed in 1866 and when the 14th amendment was passed which made it possible for african americans to be recognized as citizens. The Union side victory saved the lives of millions of slaves and gave them freedom but rebuilding the south created a lot of compelling challenges. America was still in disagreement about the fact of punishing the south or letting them join back in and start the reconstruction of the united states. Reconstruction had many steps in america starting with the fact that Abraham Lincoln made a law that pointed to southern states having to ban slavery to be readmitted into the union. Soon after creating the points about the southern states banning slavery. Lincoln would be assassinated and everyone would began to look up to Andrew johnson which would turn out to be a bad choice because he tried to have more mercy for the southern states. The most important part of reconstruction and giving the blacks a right in the united states was the fact of the 3 important amendments that passed: The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments which outlawed slavery, noted that all black people were citizens of the united states, and allowed all men to vote regardless of their beliefs or race. The blacks in the south were being targeted by things known as black codes which made it impossible for blacks to live a free life in the south, they were banned from going to school, owning land, and even getting jobs. The union supporters tried to counter these black codes by giving poor and black children a place to go to school and they built roads and rebuilt farms. This would lead to the successful and continuous reconstruction of the United States.The first World War changed a lot of things not only in America but in the world, it gave women a place to help in the United States and brought a lot of change and chances for women to finally get a say in America, the world war cost america a great deal of money that they would eventually need to get back. Some people wondered why American congress declared war in the first place, and the reason is that Germany was threatening america by trying to declare a partnership with the country of Mexico. Another reason was the fact that Germans were sinking American ships and blocking tradelines to america’s most popular trading partners. The way we overcame world war 1 was mostly because of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points that basically set a guideline to get to the end of the war. Instead of doing things in an effort to hurt Germany further more than the loss they had already suffered, Woodrow wilson tried to have a little bit of leniency with germany and would create peace with germany and put an end to the WWI suffering.The great depression was arguably one of the worst disasters in american history, it led farmers out of business, people started to starve and the united states began to quickly fall apart. The Great Depression was caused by 2 reasons, the stock market crash of 1929 and the drought that caused the farmers to not be able to make a living any longer. The great depression was very impactful because of the fact that even the richest people during the time were struggling to be able to survive with food and water. Some young boys were riding the railroads to go find jobs to feed themselves and sometimes their family.  A lot of people blamed Herbert Hoover for leading america into the great depression as he was the president at the time. Franklin Roosevelt would soon become the president and would express the people with a “New Deal”. It was a set of  laws that tried to help overcome the great depression. They helped people find jobs and try to get on their own feet again. It was a far reached effort and plead for help in America and it worked out. Some argue that WWII is what ended the war but FDR put more effort in WWII than the effort he put into the New Deal Laws which made it easier to see the connection between how WWII saved America rather than how the “New Deal” saved it. The United States is one of the most resilient countries in the world, the amount of hardships and challenges that have blocked the progress of the nation is outstanding. To think that we have and still are overcoming multiple challenges proves that America has one of the most important and interesting stories of resilience.