Kimberly career. Men went to work, but that didn’t

Kimberly Hudson

Professor Elizabeth Sanger

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January 30, 2018

Hudson, Comparison-Contrast Essay

                One career families
have been a tradition for years, but it seems that is no longer the case today.
Whether both partners work for the sole purpose to survive and financially
support the household, or whether it’s just a choice, two career households are
becoming more popular. One career families have partners who tend to work
together, helping each other in success. Each have their own specific roles, whereas
two career families share similar responsibilities.   You’ll find there are several pros and cons
when it comes to one career families versus two career families.

                One career families
have been symbolic for many years. The women would be the ones who stayed home,
while the men were the ones who worked and focused more towards a career. Men
went to work, but that didn’t mean that women didn’t have just as much work to
do. Between the daily household chores, taking care of children, and running
errands, some may say that working a full-time job would have been easier and
less stressful. While usually uncommon, men would still come home and help
around the house.

                When you have one
parent who stays home, it benefits the entire household. Parents are role
models and there is always someone for children to go to for help. There is no
need to schedule around work hours when it comes to appointments or
conferences. Homemakers tend to have plenty of time to help kids with homework
and after-school activities. This can result in the children getting all the
attention they want or need, feeling more support and love. You also have plenty
of time for the daily chores and preparing dinner.

When both parents work, it can also put a strain on the
relationship. One partner may have a minimum wage job, while the other has an
amazing career with several opportunities for promotion. Sometimes both
partners come home drained of energy and bring the stress from work home with
them. Parents may try to set aside time to spend with children, but it’s hard
to do so after both have worked all day, resulting in less quality time
together. There’s also the question of who will watch the children when both parents
work. When put it daycare, they lack the one-on-one attention and may often feel
unloved or unwanted, wondering why their parents never seemed to be there. If children
are older, they may lack supervision and get involved with the wrong crowd and pick
up bad habits, such as smoking.

When only one person works, there can be problems as
well. Sometimes the partner who works feels more dominate in the household. This
can result in the other partner feeling like they’re not good enough, or lack authority
and self-esteem simply because they do not provide for the household financially.
 There can be stress if financial means aren’t
met. You may miss out on a lot of experiences too, like traveling and shopping.

Careers are important when it comes to keeping a
household afloat. You have bills and basic needs such as food, clothing, and
shelter. These are just a few of the reasons why some partners decide it’s best
that they both work. For some, this is simply not an option but a means for
survival. While this isn’t the case for most, people with more than one
household income are able to afford the finer things in life. There are several
reasons why some may choose it’s best for only one partner to work as well. Maybe
the children are younger and need constant supervision, or there’s a disabled family
member that needs extra care.



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