Kaliningrad a bigger shield. The United states has stated

Kaliningrad is a part of the Russian Federation, situated on the coast of the Baltic sea. It is an oblast,is not situated inside Russia. It is sandwiched between two NATO countries – Lithuania and Poland. Itwas formerly known as East Prussia when it was a part of Germany. It was annexed by Russia in1945, since then it has been the closest territory Russia has to the western world. Being the closestterritory to the west, it has gained importance, primarily for the Baltic navy as a point of entry intothe Atlantic.In 2012, NATO started construction of a land based missile station in Romania, called the Aegissystem, which was supposed to be a part of a bigger shield. The United states has stated that thisshield was created to protect against missile threats from Iran and the Middle East. In 2015, NATOdecided to set up control centres in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland etc. Even though the U.S. hasclarified that the shield is not meant for Soviets, this move is clearly a warning to an aggressiveRussia.Russia looks at this defence as an offence by the NATO as Kaliningrad is isolated from the SovietUnion. According to Russia, the shield is meant to defend against it until the US can launch an attack,in case of a war. As a defensive measure, Russia has set up short ranges S-400’s and the nuclearcapable 9K720 Iskander missile. This is so that Kaliningrad can hold invading forces till the Russianforces come to its aid, cutting through Lithuania. Russia has termed its deployment of its missiles asroutine training.Relations between the west and Russia have deteriorated after the annexation of Crimea. NATOcharacterizes this as ‘anti-access and area denial’ tactic by Russia, deploying systems to continuallypush NATO away from itself. When looking from Moscow’s side it can be seen the NATO has beencontinually gaining new members closer to the Russian border.By 2018, all control centres will be completed. Though countries like Poland have requestedincreased NATO presence in them, Russia has full capability to go nuclear if they want to or need to.