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Jonathan GoparJonesEnglish 11th17 October, 2017Synthesis EssayIn today’s society, most people are focused on the benefits and availability of the technology that has been created around them.  Each society has adapted and been shaped by the ongoing effects of every technology that has ever been introduced. Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows, asserts that, “The price we pay to assume technology’s power in alienation. The toll can be particularly high with our intellectual technologies. The tools of the mind amplify and in turn numb the most intimate, the most human, of our natural capacities-those for reason, perception, memory, emotion” (Carr 211). As with any new invention, today’s informational technologies cause people to become numb to much of what previously defined them as humans; however, the benefits in using informational technologies far outweigh the consequences of its power.  Many different technologies have been introduced to society. These vary from writing on various materials to using the internet. Writing was first created by making scratch marks on anything that was available. Next, the Egyptians manufactured scrolls around 2500 B.C. and it became the new popular medium to write on. These scrolls were expensive, but writing still became a common medium. After the scrolls, wax tablets were used because wax was inexpensive and could distribute longer versions of text. Wax tablets were then replaced by books, and this started a revolutionary impact on education and personal performance. One big supporter of books was Ben Franklin. He had many positive thoughts about self education through reading, and actually established a library. He felt that he became more educated through his reading than he did from schooling. Franklin also thought that he was making his father proud by becoming more educated. Finally, “advances in book technology change the personal experience of reading and writing” (Carr 66). Books changed from being a performance act to being read for personal improvement. We now use books to help educate ourselves. An example of his would be the textbooks in our classes. “The nature of education and scholarship changed, as universities began to stress private reading as an essential complement to classroom lectures” (Carr 66). Shortly after, students became more efficient and attentive. From all of this books “sparked a revolution in the structure of language” (Carr 63).Growing up in today’s society with the new advances in technology has impacted the world in many ways. People’s experiences with the technology have affected their education, schooling, the way they learn, and their communication with others. People don’t have to memorize as much information since it is easier to just look up the information with the new advances in technology. But there are also many more ways it has affected today’s society. Books, computers and the internet have made a huge impact on the education and schooling of people. People use textbooks in classes or read books for literature. Most of the classes now use google drive or classroom for the classwork. It has affected the communication with others in a good way by being able to communicate with family and friends that live far distance away. People can be closer and keep in touch with their friends and family that live further away but thanks to the advancement in technology it’s not hard to keep in touch. It has affected communication in a bad way when people are with their family and friends, and everyone is on their phones or other forms of technology. Now in society, when people aretrying to spend time with their friends or family everyone is on their phone checking text, emails, news, social media, making calls or involved with things from work. Since the new technology has been made, people don’t have to memorize as much information. “As people grew accustomed to writing down their thoughts and reading the thoughts others had written down, they became less dependant on the contents of their own memory.” (Carr 177). “People didn’t have to memorize everything anymore. They could just look it up.” The internet makes it easier because one can just look up the information. “Our embrace of the idea that computer databases provide an effective and even superior substitute for personal memory is not particularly surprising.” (Carr 181).


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