Joe firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom. He

Joe Flom was an effective partner of the law firm Skadden,
Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom. He was the son of Jewish immigrants from
Eastern Europe; which caused him trouble later in his future job search, but
even though it seemed some scenarios presented in his life were against him, in
the end these different aspects of his life ended up shaping him to become the profitable
lawyer he once was. Joe Flom’s journey to success was based of many things and
all eventually coming back to him being Jewish. Joe Flom’s heritage of being Jewish
was a hidden advantage in his future of searching for an occupation of becoming
a laywer. If Joe Flom was not Jewish and was of any other minority, he may not
have flourished the way he did. Because of Joe Flom’s heritage of being Jewish,
his demographic luck and his meaningful work he eventually grew to become a
very successful lawyer with an even more successful world business.

            In the
1940’s through 1950’s the Jewish population was rejected from the major lawsuit
companies and the fragile cases that the white shoe firms took over. But, this
rejection ended up being a blessing because it gave the Jewish law community
vast experience in cases that the higher major lawsuits would not touch. In
Outliers, Alexander Bickel is one of Joe’s Flom classmates at Harvard Law
School who was mentioned. Alexander was also Jewish like Joe, and as mentioned
before this seemed to be a disadvantage to having a successful future of
becoming a lawyer. But, with every opportunity Alexander lost the probability
of another one coming was high. Alexander grew off of his failure and rejection
because of his ethnic background and eventually found a way to become successful,
just like Joe. Joe eventually found success in his own way by starting his own
firm. Even though the cases they brought in were not popular and seemed
unreliable in building a profitable outcome at that point, as time grew on
eventually the cases they flourished in grew in demand and ultimately lead them
to success. Joe and his firm ended up beating out the once popular white shoe
firms that rejected them before because of something so minuscule like their
Jewish background. Ultimately, there Jewish background ended up being a major
advantage. Both Alexander and Joe learned that from there failure there had to
be another way to find success and in the end they did find a way to succeed greatly.

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            Joe Flom was
born in the 1920’s a generation that is relatively smaller than normal.  Joe Flom being born at the time he did played
a major role in his profession. The timing of when he was born put him at a
peak right around the time where there would be a corporate takeover boom in
New York. Joe Flom’s demographic luck this led to just another advantage on top
of him being Jewish that formed a role in ensuring success in his future. In
Outliers, the author mentions Maurice Janklow, the father and Mort Janklow, his
son. Maurice Janklow wanted to be a lawyer, but was not as successful as he
hopes, because no one searched for him to become a lawyer. His son, however,
tried to become a lawyer and was successful. Because of Mort’s demographic luck
he was valued more than his father was and ultimately received larger amounts
of business. Joe Flom also had a similar experience. When creating his own
firm, the jobs he took in had a higher demographic value so he eventually grew
more popular and more effective; in the end passing up the once successful
white shoe firms.

            Growing up
in the 1930’s with parents who were garment workers gave a child an advantage.
In Outliers, the author gives multiple example of several families that started
in the garment industry end up having a family tree full with very successful
doctors and lawyers. One Jewisj family tree specifically shows it starting out
with family members owning small grocery stores and supermarkets and growing to
eleven grandchildren who grew up to become doctors, lawyers, and psychologists.
The Jewish garment workers and small business owners put large amounts of
meaningful work into their occupation, which was seen by their children or the
future generation. What this future generation of Jewish lawyers and doctors learned
from their parents was not to give up and to work even harder than before in
order to succeed and meet there goals. Similar to Joe Flom’s life, instead of
giving up when he failed he found a way to become successful by finding work in
a larger market which eventually led to his success in the future.

            Joe Flom
being the successful business man he is didn’t get there by skill, but the
three lessons of being Jewish, demographic luck and meaningful work. These
three lessons all benefitted Joe Flom in some way which eventually led to him
becoming a very prominent in the aspect of his occupation of being lawyer. Joe
Flom being Jewish was a major advantage in helping him flourish. Overall,
weather it was a true advantage or pure luck the results Joe Flom experience
was due to his heritage, demography and the amount of hard work put in his
profession which led him to become the reliable well-known lawyer he once was.