Jealousy is the feeling of resentment towards someone because

Jealousy is the feeling of resentment towards someone because of the high position they tends to hold.Jealousy is a bad habit and it happens almost everywhere,people get jealous of their friends,neighbor and partners.       Right from time jealousy have been the part and pacel of the world because the world don’t love themselves and doesn’t want to see someone go higher than they, so when they see their neighbors making progress instead of rejoicing with the person, they become jealous then envy gets in next will be wickedness, they will look for a way to bring the person down. It just the nature of the people due to lack of love.       People hurt theirselves while getting jealous over another,they give themselves a lot of headache,whereas who they getting jealous over doesn’t even know or care about their wellbeing.       Let’s use Joseph’s story for example,the moment he told all his brothers about the dream he had,where all his brothers and fathers bow for him,jealousy came in .Which led to the act of selling Joseph for slavery but as God would have it,it turned out to be what he was destined to be.They never wanted Joseph’s dream to come to past,they did all what they could.Still yet it came to past.    Lets take a look at some signs people put up when they are are jealous:*Questioning,a lot of questions even unreasonable one that might get you upset,they tend to know a lot about you.*Looking someone angrily.*Over spying,they will try to know your movement,steps you take.They act quickly to get things not meaningful.*Doubts,they find it difficult to trust whatever you say,no matter how you try to make them believe you.*Becomes upset when someone’s sees you attractive.*Making wrong assumption.      There are reasons too why people get jealous over another.*People get jealous because they do not have what others have which they wish they could.*They get jealous because they do not have the blessings and opportunities others have.     There are things jealous could cause to us,that’s the effect.*Jealousy endangers one’s health physically and mentally.*Connection with God is loss.*Jealous could lead to anger,self destruction and wrath.*Jealous makes one ugly.*It damages trust.*It affect communication.*Jealous could turn one to a killer.     How can one stop being jealous ? One can stop being jealousy by being “CONTENTED” with the position they are and with what they have too.