January Richland County School District Two envisions a collaborative

January 27, 2018 Dear Parents, Faculty, and Community Members,   It gives me great pleasure to share with you the 2018-2021 Richland County School District Two Strategic Diversity Plan. Our RCSD 2 Strategic Diversity plan is a 3 year plan which will utilize innovative research based strategies to prepare our district and stakeholders for an ever evolving pluralistic society. Through the implementation of  our four core values of Learning, Character, Community and Joy our Strategic Goals of culture and environment, talent, and student achievement will significantly increase across the district. Richland County School District Two envisions a collaborative working and learning environment where we accept and respect their unique characteristics which promotes diversity and to put RCSD 2 on the pathway to becoming a premier school district, period!Our plan identifies four strategic diversity goals which serves as critical areas of growth for our school district.  Our goals promotes a commitment to provide a high quality education for all students who attend our schools. By collaboratively working together to understand the uniqueness that comprises our school district, we will be on path to becoming a model district in our state and nation. Our district will also strive to empower more minority instructors to achieve gifted and talented endorsements, while accepting the challenge to teach high rigor courses. We are dedicated to educating every student, every day, to the best of our abilities.Special thanks is extended to the Richland County School District Two Diversity Committee, a collection of stakeholders, who have worked diligently to bring this plan to life. This plan is young and has room for changes, so your input is wanted and welcomed. We value your honesty, your voice, and your opinion!  Sincerely,   RSCD 2 SuperintendentExecutive Summary Located in the Northeastern corner of Richland County, Richland County School District Two serves a very diverse student population of 28,500 bright students in rural, urban, and suburban communities. RCSD2 employs just under 3700 staff members with 2076 as certified staff, 1449 as support staff, and 168 as administrators in the district’s 40 schools. We have a very innovative district that focuses its attention to providing our students with a high quality education. RCSD2 is a diverse district; we believe that diversity should not be limited to acceptance and respect; but diversity should foster: (a) understanding and appreciating the interdependence of all humans, (b) respect of individuals’ cultures and experiences, (c) a recognition and realization that personal cultural and institutional discrimination may promote privileges for some people while also presenting a disadvantage for other people and (d) building and promoting a collaborative unity among individuals to educate an existing generation and new generation about the harsh realities of prejudice,  discrimination, and racism within the education system, our communities, and our nation. It is far beyond time for our district to analyze and evaluate our effectiveness of our efforts to evolve, educate, and become a more diverse district. As we strive to continue to provide a high quality education through new researched-based innovative initiatives, advanced technology and engaging instructional practices, our district must continuously work to: (a) implement the latest instructional practices (differentiated instruction, project-based learning, etc.), (b) increase the number of minority teachers with Gifted and Talented Endorsements, IB training and Magnet training, (c) inform, prepare and recruit more minority students to enroll in Middle Years Programme (MYP), Honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses and (d) implement instructional support programs that specifically address the academic needs of our minority and special needs students. As stated in our Mission Statement, “In partnership with our community, we will develop global citizens of tomorrow today – citizens who are prepared to lead and excel in their chosen pathways”.The success of this district strategic diversity plan lies in the hands of each individual associated with Richland County School District Two. Building level administrators must have the unwavering support of the school board leaders and district office administrators as they and their staffs work to transform the teaching and learning process along with the school culture and atmosphere, in our district. Beginning with full implementation during the 2018-19 school year, in the next three years our district can meet all the goals, period! Richland  County School District Two Diversity Committee The RCSD 2 Diversity Committee is comprised of a group of stakeholders who work to make data driven decisions to diversify the district, monitor the progression of the diversity plan and report the ongoing progress of the district’s strategic diversity plan during board meetings. The Richland County School District Two Diversity Committee consist of the following members:Assistant SuperintendentSharonda Jacobs serves as representation from the Superintendent’s cabinet. Her duty is to continue to carry out the vision of the plan by being the voice of the cabinet. Chief Diversity OfficerTamika Jones heads the diversity department for the district. She will provide the group with collected diversity data about the district. Constituent School Board MemberJabbari Deas serves as a supportive school board member who is passionate about diversifying the district, empower minority teachers and students and increase academic productivity of the district. He will voice the concerns and suggestions on behalf of the board. Community Leader(s)City Councilman Hamilton Grant and Community Activist Aaron Lucas serves as the voice of the Northeast Columbia community. These two men are extremely influential to the community and will aid in providing the vantage point of the communities the district serve. District PTA PresidentSheila Hart is the district level president of Parent and Teacher Association. Her duty is to be the liaison for all the PTA organizations throughout the school district. She will voice the concerns of the parents and report her findings to school level PTA members to present during school PTA meetings. Teacher Body RepresentativeMargo Maness duty is to voice the concerns of the teacher body and inform them of the decision, progression and success of the diversity plan within the district. Student Body LiaisonMichael Smith, Katherine Brook, Gohan White Bull, Christopher Lee and Suewon Im serves as the student body representatives from the five high school zones within the district. Together they provide the viewpoints of students across the district. They are very vocal and determined to ensure that the district keeps the best interest of the student body at the forefront of this diversity plan. Goals and ObjectivesIntroduce and implement the latest instructional practices (differentiated instruction, project-based learning, etc.) that will allow our teachers to effectively provide instruction to a diverse student population.Implement a yearlong Professional Develop Series to introduce general information and helpful tips on Differentiated Instructions and Project-based learning.Teacher Classroom Observation Professional Learning Communities Increase the number of minority teachers with Gifted and Talented Endorsements, IB training and Magnet trainingInformational teachers session about Gifted and Talented Endorsement during planning periodsIntroduce Teacher Endorsement Partnership with the University of South Carolina-Columbia. An eight week program paid for by the district to provide teachers with Gifted and Talented EndorsementsInformation and recruitment night for National Board Certification. The district will cover a portion of the expenses needed to embark on obtaining National Board Certification.Inform, prepare and recruit more minority students to enroll in Middle Years Programme, Honors and Advanced Placement courses, and the International Baccalaureate ProgrammeAt middle and high schools, host informational night and enrollment recruitment for minority students and parents for MYP/IB, Honors, and AP course; explain the purpose of these course and benefits of the coursesIncrease minority student enrollment in MYP/IB, Honors, and AP courses through school counselor interaction (IGP/Registration meetings, classroom guidance)Monitor class size and diversity through PowerSchoolMonitor academic performance of students in the program ( bi-weekly progression reports, nine weeks grades and semester grades)Compare minority student academic grades to the norm with in the school to determine gains, loses and strength of the support programs.Increase academic performance on Standardized Test such as SAT, ACT and End of Course Examinations.Log student test results for three year periodCompare students performance to similar districts within in the state, average state scores and average national scoresCommitment Statement Richland  County School District Two is committed to providing a high quality education for all students. Our goal is to continue to work together to understand that our unique differences fuels much needed reform to the educational experience our students receive, while elevating our district to being the model district in our state and our nation. RCSD 2 will continue to empower our educators and encourage them to seek professional growth, while accepting the challenge to teach high rigor courses. RCSD 2 will continue to encourage our students to take ownership in their education and be zealous in their efforts to reach their goals in life! Through our dedicated efforts to ensure a high quality equitable education to every student, every day, to the best of our abilities!