It Theaker, A., & Yaxley, H. (2017). The Public

It is
undeniably true that communication is an integral tool for development as it is
used to support development initiatives by way of dispatching effective
information that will encourage one’s public to foster development-oriented
projects. Public relations infers to the management function that establishes
and sustains a mutually benefiting relationship between a firm and the public’s
(Wilcox & Reber, 2016). Maintaining coherent and good relations between an
organisation and the public is not an easy task as there are myriad challenges
that are experienced amidst creation and sustenance of the relationship. This
paper seeks to look into the challenges public relations practitioners
experience when pitching media heavy branded content. It will recommend tips on
how public relations practitioners should approach media with heavily branded

are many challenges faced by public relations practitioners face. The first
challenge regards credibility. In the past, public relations practitioners work
hard to gain access to media outlets since the messages had to be screened for
accuracy, quality and professionalism. However, today with the inception of the
internet anyone can get a message out in seconds. The resultant impact has been
a lot of untrue claims and exaggeration that hurt the credibility of promotions
that is utilised by public relations. The best tip to mitigate this issue is to
come up with approaches to establish their credibility when relaying
information such as using their credentials, providing facts and figures or
using the third party to endorse the content (Toth, 2009).

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major issue is multiple channels. In the past, the main communication channels
were the television, newspaper and the radio. However, today various channels
can be used including social media. To overcome these challenge PR
practitioners need to choose the pathways to the target audience (Theaker &
Yaxley, 2017). For instance, use social media or text messages to target the
young generation and traditional methods such as newspapers to get target the
older persons.


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