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It is always exciting to read a book and find out that it has a film adaptation. While many of the literary elements are vividly seen as you read the book, visual representation in a form of a film is always delightful for the characters to came to life. Books can also be adapted into various kinds. It can be adapted into theatrical play, television shows and even to a movie inspired by another movie. And the best example of an adaptation is the Harry Potter series.  The novel Harry Potter series is a fantasy novel and was authored by J.K Rowling. It has seven books in its series and the first book of it is called “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” or can also be called as “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” depends on the country. The very first book was originally published on June of 1997. While its first film adaptation was released on November of 2001.  On this book there are total of 223 pages in its UK edition while its film is 2hrs 39 mins long. The film adaptation was directed by Chris Columbus and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Millions of avid readers all over the world eagerly waited for the release of the books to bring them to the magical journey of Harry Potter. Although the book was published 17 years earlier, I was still so excited to read its first volume. My experience was similar to millions of harry potter readers who were hypnotized to its magical spell. Just like any other people who have read the book and watched its film, there were no doubt that it will be noticeable that there was a similarities and differences in the book to its film adaptation. If you would watch the movie without reading the book, there’s a possibility that you would missed those simple but important details of the story and even those exciting and fascinating scenes that was in the book but not included in the film. The main differences from the book to its film was just the book gives more information than the movie. But if a person wanted the summary of the book then its film is the right one.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was just the beginning of the story which was the starting line of the journey of the main character and the first step in constructing the story. For it has seven books, it is expected that it has a long story line and has a lot of characters. The artists who would played the character specially the main characters, were one of the most important thing that the readers were looking for when they would watch the film and compare to its book. The portrayal of the characters were perfect. And I was so glad that that they didn’t ignore the characterization or how the character supposed to looked like that was stated in the book. For example, Snape’s intimidating looks, Albus Dumbledore’s white long hair and beard, Hagrid as half giant and almost as tall as two people joined together, especially Hermione, the Weasleys, the Dursleys and who would forget Harry Potter and his glasses. But there were a lot of characters that was in the book but didn’t include in its film. And these were some of the characters: Peeves, Piers Polkiss, Madam Malkin and Ronan. In the book, Peeves was a poltergeist that played an important role not just in the first but in all of the book of Harry Potter series. Peeves was known for making fun of the students and teachers by throwing water balloons and making rude and funny comments to them. By removing Peeves in the film, the story somewhat changed because Peeves made the story lighter that balanced the plot of the story which gave the readers a break to those heavy scenes in the film. At the beginning, the story was started differently because in the book the Dursleys was introduced first while in the film, it already started with Dumbledore, Professor Mcgonagall and Hagrid was in the scene to give and leave Harry to Dursleys. As Harry Potter growing up, he was mistreated by his family that even when there’s a special occasion he will be left with their neighbor, Arabella Figg, his baby sitter living with her cats which was a character in the book but was not also included in the film. The scene in the book where Harry received his letter and the Dursleys didn’t want him to know about magic so they went to a hotel was also excluded. However, in the movie, instead of going to the hotel, they went straight forward to the hut where Hagrid met Harry. At the moment Hagrid told him that he was a wizard and about Hogwarts that’s when the real journey starts. The book introduced us the Sorting Hat as a hat who talks and sorts the student into one of the four Hogwarts houses. Yet, before the sorting begins, the hat sings a song but this does not happen in the film. Yes, there were a little alteration from the book but it has a huge effect in its film. In the middle of the story, when Harry and his friends was in the Forbidden Forest for detention he met centaurs Ronan and Bane which were also excluded in the film. Firenze was the only centaur who appears and help him with Lord Voldemort. Perhaps, the most apparent difference between the film adaptation to its book’s story was when Harry, Ron and Hermione’s exciting journey going after the sorcerer’s stone. In the book, Harry used the flute that Hagrid has given to him to make Fluffy, the dog, fall asleep so that they can surpass the door without getting any trouble. After that, Ron and Harry had a hard time to get through the Devil’s Snare but Hermione helped them and used some spell that she learned in class to free them. All three of them went to the next obstacle which was the flying keys. In the book, each of them, has a broomstick to ride and catch the real key but in the film, there was only one broomstick and only Harry had the chance to ride the broomstick. And the last obstacle in the movie was the chess game which lead and played by Ron. Each obstacle was made by each professor from Hogwarts and there should be an obstacle that was made by Snape just like what was written in the book which was solved by Hermione but was not in its film. Maybe it was intended by the film makers to clearly show each of their skills. And the encounter of Harry and Quirrel at the end of the obstacle had been loyal to the book that it was almost the same in the book version. This was like the best scene in the movie where they made the scene more realistic and closed to what was stated in the book.  Even though some of the scenes were missing specially the characters that was supposed to be there, the story was still delivered properly. The only disappointment for a reader could have was the insufficient amount of its magical content. The film focused too much on its visual effects, that they gave less time in its characters which J.K Rowling value the most. But on the other hand, the film tried its best to be true to the story. Despite the fact that the film excluded so many things, you could still understand the plot of the story without reading its book. And so, I can say the books has a lot to give than in the film specially to those character who has a great role that never had the opportunity to prove their importance in the story. If you want the more informed and detailed story, the book could definitely give you that. Even with some exclusions and alterations, the film adaptation showed basically the same with the work of J.K Rowling.