It started to sense an earthly smell. The unsettling

 It was another pitch black dream. Or should I say, nightmare. Everything was etched in charcoal, marking the absence of once present vivid colours and hues that I used to see and love. To be frank, it doesn’t frighten me anymore. It seemed like I already got used to this hollow empty feeling — quite like being a black hole slowly collapsing into myself. I wasn’t numb but I couldn’t summon up any of my body’s energy. It was almost like my mind won’t allow me to. Suddenly, a jolt of pain coursed through my body dreadfully.  I felt it roaring localized around my lower abdomen. It was then accompanied with an intense throbbing in the back of my skull. My flesh oozed out a warm thick liquid with a raw metallic odour and I was unsure where it was coming from. A tad change in position sent ripples of twisted sensation throughout my figure. This shot up my upper body like a raging fire. It was like a hundred needles soaked in alcohol had pierced into my skin. Electricity tingled through my muscles and climbed up straight to my spine. Strangely, I started to sense an earthly smell. The unsettling stench of the soil on earth entered my system. Shortly, my body began to feel heavy — almost like something with great weight is pushing on my chest, letting me sink deep into the ground. Without any clue why, my senses tell me that I have been enclosed inside a small tight rectangular container. Something was compressing around me. It was crushing me from the top and front and then making its way underneath and on the sides. It astonished me how such feelings seemed so genuine. And then I thought to myself, “This pain is just illusory.”. I knew my mind could simply shut the pain down if I needed to. I finally made an attempt to finally wake up and get back to my actual senses. I lightly pinched my right thigh. This surprisingly sent shockwaves of dull pain all over my body which just added to the previous ones I have already been enduring. Finally, I opened my eyes just to witness darkness once more.